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Three police forces and an INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) work together in providing law enforcement services in San Marino. The three police forces carry out investigations and exercise their institutional tasks autonomously.  Meetings are held regularly at the national police department to enable the three forces and NCB to together address issues relating to public order and national security.


A military police force under the authority of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs, theGendarmeriainvestigates crime and maintains public order. It also comprises a drugs unit, a food fraud unit, a minors protection office and is responsible for state prisons.

“Guardia di Rocca – Nucleo Uniformato”(Fortress Guard – Uniformed Unit)

A front-line military unit in the San Marino armed forces, theGuardia di Roccacarries out day-to-day law enforcement duties. Under the Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs, theGuardia di Roccafocuses its activities on national border zones, including customs regulation and trade exchange. The force is also responsible for keeping government buildings safe.

“Polizia Civile”

Under the command of the Secretary of State of Home Affairs, this police force. It is in charge of road-traffic, trade, tourism, tax matters and environmental protection. It also acts as the fire brigade and civil protection.

San Marino also has a Financial Intelligence Agency (Agenzia d’Informazione Finanziaria) which investigates money laundering, in co-operation with the Police Corps and INTERPOL.


INTERPOL San Marino is an independent body which answers directly to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs.  

Located at the Gendarmerie’s Headquarters, INTERPOL San Marino is the national central authority which reaches out to authorities worldwide for all national criminal police and security matters.

INTERPOL San Marino is also the national Currency Anti-counterfeiting Central Office (CACO) and Asset Recovery Office (ARO).

Staffed by officers of all three national police forces, the NCB is the pivotal platform for all national investigations with an international connection.

Operational around the clock, daily NCB duties include:

  • co-operation with domestic and international law enforcement agencies, using INTERPOL’s global police communications system I-24/7;
  • liaison with the San Marino Civil Aviation and Maritime Navigation authority with regard to national security;
  • co-operation with the Financial Intelligence Agency in fighting money-laundering;
  • ID checks using INTERPOL databases, for visitors to San Marino;
  • National point of reference for currency counterfeiting.
INTERPOL San Marino in action
09 June 2016

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European Regional Conference 2009
  • 38th European Regional Conference - 2009 - Republic of San Marino

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