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The mandate of the Polish National Police is: To serve and protect the people of Poland and to maintain public order and security.


  • Protect people's health, life and property;
  • Ensure public safety and law and order;
  • Create and organize "community policing" and crime prevention activities;  
  • Detect and investigate crime and arrest the suspected perpetrators;  
  • Ensure security in public spaces;  
  • Co-operate with police forces across the world.

Part of the Ministry of Interior, the Polish National Police is a uniformed and armed force made up of criminal, patrol and support services.

With the strength of almost 100,000 men and women, there are 16 regional police headquarters, a Metropolitan police headquarters (which also acts as a regional headquarters), 329 district headquarters and 2,072 police stations in Poland.

There is an International Police Cooperation Bureau within the National Police headquarters, which in turn acts as the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Poland.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau for Poland is an essential national platform linking the Polish police with international law enforcement for the exchange of criminal information and for carrying out international police investigations.

As part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activity in Poland, INTERPOL Warsaw recently integrated INTERPOL's databases into the Polish police network called PSTD, thus giving police across the country instant and automated access to INTERPOL’s global databases.  This gives them critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents (SLTD) in a matter of seconds.  With this new capacity, Poland police officers in the field can quickly determine if a person is a potential threat to national security.

INTERPOL Warsaw in action
05 December 2018

INTERPOL fugitive probe nets most wanted suspect

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Federal Police in Buenos Aires have arrested an internationally wanted drug trafficking suspect following an investigation coordinated by INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit.Sylwia Sulecka, a Polish national aged 41, was wanted by Polish authorities under an INTERPOL Red Notice published in 2011. The case had remained...
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...
13 April 2015

INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet

SINGAPORE - The Simda botnet, believed to have infected more than 770,000 computers worldwide, has been targeted in a global operation coordinated from the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore.In a series of simultaneous actions around the world, on Thursday 9 April, 10 command and control servers were seized in the Netherlands, with...
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