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Law enforcement services in Denmark are provided by the country’s single national police force, called “Politiet”.  Led by a National Commissioner, the force is part of the Ministry of Justice and has a strength of 13,500 employees serving a population of 5.5 million.

“Rigspolitiet”, which is part of the national police force,  has overall responsibility for the country’s 14 police districts, including the districts of the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Each police district is led by a Commissioner who works closely with the National Commissioner in drawing up the general strategic and tactical framework for the entire police service, for which Rigspolitiet is responsible.

Although operationally and financially autonomous, police districts can ask Rigspolitiet for assistance in investigations and special duties.

In Denmark, public prosecution is a Ministry of Justice responsibility. The Ministry seconds a representative to local police stations, thus generating constructive and positive collaboration between police officers and their judicial partners.

INTERPOL Copenhagen

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Denmark is part of the National Center of Investigation (NCI) which also houses the national Sirene-Schengen and Europol offices.

NCI structure:

  • Section for International Cooperation (SIC);
  • Analysis and Monitoring;
  • Intelligence.

SIC structure:

  • Communications Centre (INTERPOL, SIRENE, Europol);
  • International Projects (including Nordic liaison officers stationed abroad);
  • Serious Crime Squad.

The Communications Centre is made up of more than 35 staff members and is operational 24/7. It is the single point of contact for Politiet action requiring international outreach.

INTERPOL Copenhagen in action
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...

National Commissioner of Police Jens Henrik Højbjerg visits INTERPOL

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Age today: 64 years old
Nationality: Denmark


Age today: 40 years old
Nationality: Denmark , Turkey


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Age today: 29 years old
Nationality: Denmark


Age today: 13 years old
Nationality: Denmark


All Missing persons

  • 30th INTERPOL General Assembly - 4-9 September 1961 - Copenhagen

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