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Police Mountain Rescue Team

Law enforcement services in Andorra are provided by the National Police Corps which is part of the Ministry of Justice. Andorra’s Police Corps is headed by a Director who is assisted by two Deputy Directors working directly with judicial authorities and the public prosecutor.


  • Protect people’s rights and freedom;
  • Ensure public safety;
  • Protect persons and property.

The Andorra Police Corps is headed by the National Police Directorate which is made up of three Commissioner-headed departments:

  • ​​Criminal Police;
  • Department of Public Safety and Community Policing;
  • Information Technology.

Department of Public Safety and Community Policing


  • Public Safety (public order and security, traffic control) ;
  • Command and Coordination Centre (emergencies and security surveillance);
  • Canine Service;
  • Border Control and Immigration;
  • Special Intervention Unit (such as mountain rescue, bomb disposal).

Information Technology

This department provides information and communication technology services and support enabling the Police Corps to achieve its goals and objectives.  It also provides legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions, studies, affidavits, reports, correspondence and training.   

Criminal Police

The Criminal Police is a plain-clothed criminal investigation department subordinate to the Judicial Police and responsible for crime prevention, detection and investigation. 


1) Research Unit:

  • Drugs;
  • Crimes against people;
  • Crimes against property;
  • Identification;
  • High-tech crime;

2) Examinations Unit:

  • Information and intelligence;
  • Organized crime and financial crime;
  • International Cooperation.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Andorra is part of the Criminal Police’s International Cooperation Department. Given Andorra’s landlocked, isolated and mountainous geographical location between France and Spain, INTERPOL Andorra plays an active part in the national Police Corp’s anti-organized crime strategies and action.  The NCB enjoys direct operational working relationships with domestic colleagues in the field. 

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