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Timor Leste

The Criminal Police of Timor Leste (called ‘Polícia Científica de Investigação Criminal’ or‘PCIC’) is the national agency responsible for the investigation of serious, organized and complex crime. Established on 1 February 2015, PCIC sits structurally in the Ministry of Justice and answers to the Prosecutor General.


  • prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • safeguard Timor Leste’s security, democratic values and human rights.

PCIC has a strong forensic services mandate, providing criminal investigation support services nationwide, such as

  • ballistics;
  • crime evidence collection;
  • crime evidence protection
     (eg: implementation of chain-of-custody procedures);
  • crime scene reconstruction;
  • questioned document services
    (eg : counterfeit currency, fake travel documents); 
  • toxicology examination.


PCIC houses the National Central Bureau (NCB) for Timor Leste in Dili.   It is headed by a Chief Investigator who answers directly to the PCIC National Director.


  • coordinate information sharing between domestic law enforcement agencies and the international law enforcement community;
  • coordinate provisional detention and extradition requests relating to international investigations;
  • serve as the national law enforcement platform for all international investigations involving Timor Leste;  
  • support the Timor Leste Immigration Services by conducting identity checks against INTERPOL’s database of stolen and lost travel documents;
  • strengthen the international fight against transnational crime, terrorism and pharmaceutical crime;
  • strengthen ties with the following regional organizations for crime and security issues:
    - Association of South East Asian Nations  (ASEAN)
    - Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP);
  • work with domestic and international police or judicial authorities in tracing fugitives and locating suspects.

Crime Priorities

  • Trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Drugs;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Money Laundering.


  • Central Unit;
  • Police Cooperation Unit;
  • Judicial Cooperation unit;
  • Administration Support Services.

INTERPOL Dili’s principal national law enforcement partners include:

  • Customs;
  • Immigration Services;
  • Judicial authorities;
  • National Financial Information Unit (Central Bank of Timor Leste);
  • Timor Leste National Police.
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