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Samoa Police and Prison Service


“To be a leader in policing”

The Samoa Police and Prison Service (SPS) has a force of more than 500 officers.


  • Maintenance of law and order;
  • Preservation of peace;
  • Protection of life and property;
  • Prevention, detection and investigation of crime;
  • Enforcement of the law.


  • Reduce crime
    • Criminal Investigation Division;
    • Prosecution;
  • Increase community safety and confidence
    • General Policing;
    • Community Policing;
    • Police Band;
    • Traffic Unit;
  • Ensure national security
    • Maritime Unit;
    • Special Response Unit;
    • Canine Unit;
  • Provide secure detention and rehabilitation
    • Prison Services.


The Commissioner of Police is the Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Samoa.  He is assisted by the Officer in charge of the SPS Intelligence Units, which, in addition to the NCB, comprise:

  • Police Domestic Intelligence Unit;
  • Transnational Crime Unit.

INTERPOL Apia is staffed by one Inspector and one Senior Sergeant.

Priority crime areas:

  • Drug trafficking, smuggling and organized crimes;
  • Fugitive investigations;
  • Human trafficking and people smuggling;
  • Financial crime;
  • Transnational sex offenders;
  • Firearms trafficking;
  • Persons of interest.


  • Operate as the national point of contact for domestic law enforcement agencies requiring help in overseas investigations;
  • Facilitate cross-border police cooperation to prevent and fight transnational crime;

Provide assistance to other NCBs in carrying out investigations involving Samoan nationals.

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