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    4 November 1991
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National Police Agency of Mongolia


National police parade

The National Police Agency of Mongolia is called “Arvan Tavnii Tsagdaa”, meaning “Preventive Soldiers”. Created in 1965 and with its headquarters in the capital Ulaanbaatar, the force is responsible for maintaining law and order and preventing crime throughout Mongolia.


  • Implement state policy on crime fighting and maintaining public order;
  • Carry out police duties throughout Mongolia and manage services provided at local level;
  • Develop policy on firearms (shooting techniques, special equipment, and associated needs);
  • Develop policy on human resources, training and methods for improving knowledge and skills;
  • Protect the rights and legal interests of police officers;
  • Organize police work in keeping with Mongolia’s Constitution;
  • Inform the President of Mongolia, the Head of the Parliament, the Prime Minister and government members about emerging crime trends, methods for fighting crime and public order issues.  Make suggestions as to how to most effectively address them;
  • Develop relations with national and international organizations.

INTERPOL Ulaanbaatar

The Interpol National Central Bureau of Mongolia is staffed by:

  • 1 Head of NCB;
  • 1 secretary;
  • 2 police officers.


  • Deal with requests from the INTERPOL community and from local law enforcements agencies on transnational crime and criminals;
  • Exchange information between the INTERPOL community and local and foreign law enforcement agencies needing information on transnational crime and criminals;
  • Provide the police of Mongolia with information on criminal situations in foreign countries and information on wanted criminals and modus operandi; 
  • Inform the law enforcement agencies of Mongolia about international cooperation methods for fighting transnational crime;
  • Ask the INTERPOL community for advice on legislation and experiences in fighting crime;
  • Coordinate the exchange of extradition documents and proceed with extradition when required.

Red Notices 3

Age today: 35 years old
Nationality: Mongolia


Age today: 60 years old
Nationality: Kazakhstan


All wanted persons

Yellow Notices 6

Age today: 69 years old
Nationality: Mongolia


Age today: 56 years old
Nationality: Mongolia


All Missing persons

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