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Kazakhstan Police

Kazakhstan law enforcement services are provided by its national police, a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which is also responsible for transport police.  The national police is made up criminal police departments which investigate all forms of crime in addition to providing guard services, traffic control and immigration control.


  • Protect social order and maintain public safety;
  • Protect people and property;
  • Detect, investigate and prevent crime and seek fugitives;
  • Detect and prevent child neglect and criminal offences against minors;
  • Fight drug crime;
  • Maintain road safety;
  • Conduct passport and visa control;
  • Cooperate with the international police community.


Staffed by more than 10 Kazakh police officers, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Kazakhstan is a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It coordinates police action between national and foreign law enforcement bodies using INTERPOL channels. Its activities are focused largely around the worldwide search for fugitives, missing persons and stolen vehicles. 

As part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activity in Kazakhstan, INTERPOL Astana recently arranged for its frontline police officers in four regions to have direct access to INTERPOL’s global databases.

With the support of an INTERPOL project worth EUR 3 million and funded by the European Union, these officers now have hands-on access to critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents.

With this new capacity, Kazakh police officers across the country can quickly determine if a person is a potential threat to national security.  

INTERPOL Astana in action
14 November 2013

Investigating and preventing chemical and explosives terrorism focus of INTERPOL training in Georgia

TBILISI, Georgia – Enhancing regional preparedness throughout Central Asia, the Southern Caucasus and Southeastern Europe to respond and investigate a chemical and explosives terrorist attack was the focus of an INTERPOL training course.The four-day (4 – 7 November) course organized by INTERPOL’s Chemical and Explosives (ChemEx) Terrorism Prevention Unit...
14 October 2011

Boosting bioterrorism prevention capability focus of INTERPOL training

ALMATY, Kazakhstan – Enhancing the bioterrorism prevention and response capabilities in the Central Asia and Caucasus region was the focus of INTERPOL’s Regional Biosecurity Course.Nearly 40 law enforcement, customs, public health and laboratory officials from nine countries took part in the five day (10 – 14 October) course hosted by Kazakhstan, the late...

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Nationality: Kazakhstan


Age today: 50 years old
Nationality: Kazakhstan


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Age today: 29 years old
Nationality: Kazakhstan


Age today: 28 years old
Nationality: Kazakhstan


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