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Hong Kong (China)

INTERPOL Beijing’s Sub-Bureau for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Whilst the PRC is responsible for the territory's defence and foreign affairs, Hong Kong maintains its own legal system, police force, monetary system, customs policy and immigration policy.

Law enforcement services in Hong Kong are provided by the Hong Kong Police Force. Created in 1844, and with a strength today of 28,000 police officers and 4,500 civilians, the Force is commanded by a Commissioner of Police and two Deputy Commissioners, one in charge of operations and the other in charge of management.


  • Maintain law and order;
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crimes;
  • Protect people and property;
  • Work in partnership with the community and other agencies;
  • Maintain public confidence in the Force;
  • Provide emergency security services.

Headquarters structure:

  • Operations;
  • Crime Wing and Security (see below);
  • Personnel and Training;
  • Management Services and Finance;
  • Administration and Planning.

Crime Wing structure:

  • Commercial Crime Bureau;
  • Crime Prevention Bureau;  
  • Criminal Intelligence Bureau;
  • Criminal Records Bureau;
  • Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau;
  • Forensic Firearms Examination Division;
  • Identification Bureau;
  • Liaison Bureau (INTERPOL Beijing’s Sub-Bureau for Hong Kong);
  • Narcotics Bureau;
  • Organized Crime and Triad Bureau;

INTERPOL Beijing’s Sub-Bureau for Hong Kong

Headed by a Senior Superintendent assisted by three Superintendents, INTERPOL Beijing’s Sub-Bureau for Hong Kong, known within the Force as the Hong Kong Police Liaison Bureau, is part of the Crime Wing Headquarters.

The Bureau is staffed by nearly 40 police and civilian staff, with three of its officers seconded overseas to serve at the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon, the Office of the Special Representative of INTERPOL to the United Nations in New York and the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore.

INTERPOL Beijing’s Sub-Bureau for Hong Kong is the main platform for all international investigations relating to crimes committed either in Hong Kong or by Hong Kong citizens abroad. It is the platform for all domestic investigations requiring international outreach, with staff working closely with all INTERPOL member countries and their domestic law enforcement partners to facilitate criminal investigation, intelligence exchange and joint operations targeting transnational crime.

The Bureau handles all requests for Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters, in partnership with the Mutual Legal Assistance Unit of the Department of Justice. It is in charge of locating fugitives who have fled Hong Kong, and helping INTERPOL member countries to locate fugitives who are believed to be in Hong Kong, with a view to their arrest by the Hong Kong Police Force and the coordination of their extradition.

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