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Royal Bhutan Police

To make Bhutan a safe place to live and work.

To maintain law and order, prevent crime and protect people and property.

Law enforcement services in Bhutan are provided by the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP). Created in 1965 and headquartered in the capital Thimphu, RBP is part of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.

RBP Mandate:

  • crime prevention, detection and investigation;
  • fire protection;
  • law enforcement;
  • prison services;
  • protection of people and property;
  • public order;
  • traffic control;
  • VIP protection.

RBP is commanded by a Chief of Police who is assisted by an additional Police Chief and four Deputy Chiefs. 

Made up of 13 field police divisions, 34 police stations, and nine border control posts, RBP serves a population of more than two million people living across 47,000 km2. The RBP has two training centers, one for qualified police officers and another for junior recruits.


Headed by the Deputy Chief of Police, RBP’s National Investigations Bureau is made up of two divisions:

  • Intelligence and Investigation;
  • INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Bhutan.

INTERPOL Thimphu facilitates the exchange of confidential police data between the RBP and the international police community, using INTERPOL's secure global police communications network I-24/7.

The NCB serves as the unique platform for international police investigations involving Bhutan.  It provides domestic police officers with the information they need to carry out investigations on regional, transnational and international crime. 

With its hand-on access to INTERPOL's wide range of databases, INTERPOL Thimphu has a key role to play in assisting the RBP tackle international crime.

INTERPOL Thimphu’s priority crime areas include:

  • cybercrime;
  • illicit goods and counterfeiting;
  • fraud;
  • fugitive investigations;
  • money laundering.

The NCB works closely with national law enforcement partners – particularly Customs, Immigration and Forestry – in making national borders as secure as possible by sharing INTERPOL data on wanted persons and stolen and lost travel documents.

All foreign visitors to Bhutan have their identity checked against INTERPOL’s databases for wanted people and stolen and lost travel documents by INTERPOL Thimpu. NCB staff also has direct access to Bhutan’s national immigration database.

NCB Staff

  • Two technicians;
  • Four mail operators;
  • One information researcher;
  • One National Security Officer (NSO);
  • Two crime investigators.
INTERPOL Thimphu in action
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