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    19 September 1962
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Policía Nacional del Perú


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    Garantizar, mantener y restablecer el orden interno;
  • Prestar protección y ayuda a las personas y a la comunidad;
  • Garantizar el cumplimiento de las leyes y la seguridad del patrimonio público y privado;
  • Prevenir, investigar y combatir la delincuencia;
  • Vigilar y controlar las fronteras;
  • Defender a la sociedad y a las personas, a fin de permitir su pleno desarrollo, en el marco de una cultura de paz y de respeto a los derechos humanos.

Unidades especializadas:

  • Dirección Contra el Terrorismo;
  • Dirección Antidrogas;
  • Dirección de Seguridad del Estado;
  • Dirección de Operaciones Especiales;
  • Dirección de Investigación Criminal;
  • Dirección Anticorrupción;
  • Dirección de Seguridad de Penales;
  • Dirección de Policía Fiscal;
  • Dirección de Turismo y Protección del Ambiente;
  • Dirección de Seguridad de Fronteras;
  • Dirección de Seguridad Aeroportuaria;
  • Dirección de Control de Carreteras;
  • Frente Policial del Huallaga;
  • Frente Policial del Valle del Río Apurímac Ene (VRAE).


La Oficina Central Nacional (OCN) de INTERPOL para Perú depende de la Policía Nacional del Perú, cuyo Director General es también el Jefe de INTERPOL Lima, quien asume la responsabilidad de organizar y reglamentar su funcionamiento.


INTERPOL Lima es el órgano que, en representación de la Policía Nacional del Perú, tiene como fin coordinar, promover y llevar a cabo una cooperación policial recíproca a nivel internacional con miras a combatir la delincuencia común y organizada, dentro del respeto a los tratados y convenios suscritos por el país, reglamentos de INTERPOL, la Constitución Política del Perú y sus Leyes, así como las Directivas y Disposiciones del Comando PNP.

INTERPOL Lima in action
28 July 2016

More than 2,700 human trafficking victims rescued in INTERPOL-coordinated operation

An operation targeting human trafficking in South and Central America has resulted in the rescue of more than 2,700 victims, 134 arrests and the dismantling of at least seven organized crime networks.Coordinated by INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau for South America, Operation Intercops - Spartacus III was conducted in two parts, initially concentrating on three...
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...
19 October 2015

Peru gears up to protect sport’s integrity

LIMA, Peru - Protecting clean athletes from competition manipulation was the focus of a workshop on sports integrity organized jointly by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and INTERPOL.Attended by more than 70 representatives from the Peruvian National Olympic Committee (NOC), national sports federations, local police forces and the judicial syste...
21 November 2014

INTERPOL holds training courses to tackle forest crime in South America

LIMA, Peru – INTERPOL has held a series of training courses in South America to assist law enforcement in the region in effectively tackling a range of forest crimes.Some 29 participants from law enforcement across 13 countries in Central and South America gathered in Lima for a five-day (17-21 November) training course aimed at developing and improving i...
15 May 2014

Hundreds of raids across South America net fake goods worth USD 27 million

LYON, France – More than 600 raids carried out across South America in an INTERPOL-coordinated operation have led to the seizure of fake goods worth some USD 27.4 million, with nearly 800 people placed under investigation.Police and customs officers from 10 countries took part in Operation Jupiter VI, aimed at disrupting the organized crime networks behin...
24 January 2014

Fuel smuggling rings dismantled in INTERPOL coordinated operation

LYON, France – Two organized crime networks involved in fuel smuggling across Peru and Ecuador have been dismantled following an INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting illicit trade and counterfeiting.More than 60 interventions were carried out as part of Operation Alisuyo, targeting the criminal gangs known as ‘culebras’ or ‘snakes’ because of the way...
26 July 2013

INTERPOL member countries continue fight against illegal logging in Latin America

LYON, France – Nearly USD 40 million worth of timber has been seized in follow up investigations as part of INTERPOL’s Operation Lead targeting illegal logging, forest crimes and the criminal networks behind them.Building upon the initial outcomes of the operation, Costa Rica and Venezuela in particular have increased their efforts in the fight against il...
07 June 2013

INTERPOL agreement with MERCOSUR to boost regional and global police information sharing

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – An agreement signed today between INTERPOL and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) will further streamline global and regional law enforcement cooperation, through enhanced police information exchange.Under the agreement, INTERPOL’s global databases will be linked to MERCOSUR’s Security Information Exchange System (SISME) which alr...
15 April 2011

INTERPOL hunt for international fugitives leads to numerous arrests across South America

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – An INTERPOL operation targeting 207 internationally-wanted fugitives wanted for serious crimes including murder, kidnapping, organized crime and child sexual abuse believed to be hiding in South America has led to arrests across the continent and new investigative leads established for almost a quarter.Investigative leads develop...
31 January 2011

INTERPOL-led operation in Americas nets fakes worth 200 million dollars

LYON, France – Fake goods worth more than USD 200 million have been seized and nearly 1,000 people arrested in a series of operations co-ordinated by INTERPOL across South America targeting organized criminal counterfeiting networks.Carried out under the auspices of Operation Jupiter in partnership with the World Customs Organization (WCO), the year-long...
01 October 2010

Hundreds arrested in INTERPOL and Customs anti-counterfeiting operations across South America

LYON, France – A transnational operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL and the World Customs Organization targeting organized criminal counterfeiting networks across 13 countries in South America has resulted in more than 600 arrests and the seizure of fake goods worth 50 million US dollars. Carried out under the umbrella of Operation Jupiter, goods recovered...
09 June 2010

INTERPOL Chile and Peru co-operation leads to Dutch murder suspect’s arrest

The arrest of a Dutchman suspected in the killing of a woman in Peru following close liaison between INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus in Lima and Santiago, supported by INTERPOL’s 24-hour Command and Co-ordination Centre at the General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon has been praised by the head of the world police body as a ‘perfect example of police...
11 September 2009

INTERPOL applauds Panama arrest of Colombian fugitive wanted by Peru for suspected drug trafficking

A major investigation led by INTERPOL'S National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Washington has led to the arrest of senior drug cartel member William Cobo Idrobo at Panama’s Tocumen International airport. He was wanted by Peru for serious drug offences.   With the assistance of INTERPOL'S regional bureau in Buenos A...
03 April 2009

Counterfeiting networks across South America targeted in INTERPOL and World Customs Organization operations

LYON, France – Counterfeit and pirated goods worth more than USD 131 million have been seized in a series of operations across South America co-ordinated by INTERPOL and the World Customs Organization (WCO).Under the umbrella of Operation Jupiter, police and customs agents from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay carried out 299...
24 October 2008

Peru and INTERPOL carry out Operation Anaconda to deter criminal networks from using stolen or lost travel documents

LIMA, Peru – An operation at Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima has been carried out by Peruvian law enforcement authorities in co-ordination with INTERPOL to dismantle criminal networks using stolen or lost travel documents and prevent criminals attempting to use fraudulent documents to enter Peru.Operation Anaconda, which ran from...

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