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    3 November 1981
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Royal Barbados Police Force


Mission statement:  To provide the highest quality police service in partnership with our community, to ensure a safe and stable environment. 

Motto: To serve, protect, and reassure


  • Maintenance of law and order;
  • Preservation of peace;
  • Protection of life and property;
  • Prevention and detection of crime;
  • Enforcement of all laws and regulations with which it is charged.

The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) is made up of the following Divisions:

  • Administration Support Division;
  • Criminal Investigation Division;
  • Bridgetown Division;
  • Northern Division;
  • Southern Division;
  • Office of Professional Responsibility;
  • Operational Support Division.

INTERPOL  Bridgetown

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Barbados is headed by the Commissioner of Police, who delegates daily operations to an Inspector who is assisted by a Detective Sergeant and two Detective Constables.

Located at the Police Headquarters, INTERPOL Bridgetown is a department within the Administration Support Division (Special Branch).


  • To help tackle;
    • Criminal organizations and drugs;
    • Financial and high-tech crime;
    • Public safety and terrorism;
    • Trafficking in human beings;
    • Fugitives.
  • To enable the exchange of criminal data between Barbados law enforcement agencies and the INTERPOL community;
  • Cooperation with both internal and external organizations;
  • Enforcement of ordinary criminal law.

Part of the NCB’s policing plan is to reduce the level of crime through the concepts of :

  • Intelligence-led policing;
  • Community Policing.
INTERPOL Bridgetown in action
01 April 2008

Reinforcing INTERPOL National Central Bureaus key to 21st century policing

LYON, France – Senior police officials from around the world attending INTERPOL’s Heads of National Central Bureaus (NCBs) conference heard that their key role in facilitating international co-operation and collaboration have placed them at the heart of global efforts against crime in the 21st century.Providing an annual forum for the top INTERPOL officer...

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