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Each of INTERPOL’s member countries operates a National Central Bureau (NCB) which serves as the national platform for cooperation between domestic law enforcement units and the international police community.

The NCB is typically a division of the national police force or investigation service and serves as the unique contact point for INTERPOL action.

NCBs are staffed by highly trained officials recruited from national law enforcement agencies. Their job is to feed INTERPOL criminal databases and work with other member countries on cross-border investigations, operations and arrests.

The NCB is the designated contact point for the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters, its seven regional offices across the world and INTERPOL representative offices at the African Union, European Union and United Nations.

INTERPOL Tunis in action
05 April 2017

INTERPOL Chief outlines support to Arab Interior Ministers Council in combating terrorism

TUNIS, Tunisia – INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock said the world policing body stood ready to support the Arab Interior Ministers Council in the joint fight against terrorism and organized crime.Addressing the meeting attended by more than 20 ministers, Secretary General Stock said ‘wahdaa’, which means unity in English, was vital in harmonising na...
03 December 2015

International security focus of INTERPOL Chief’s visit to Tunisia

TUNIS, Tunisia – INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock has met with Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid and Interior Minister Najem Gharsalli to discuss cross-border crime and terrorism threats, and how INTERPOL’s global policing capabilities can support the country’s police.   Key items on the agenda during Mr Stock’s visit included border securi...
26 June 2015

INTERPOL offers full support following terror attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia

LYON, France – INTERPOL has offered its full support to French, Tunisian, Kuwaiti and Somalian authorities following four separate terrorist attacks which have left more than 80 people dead and many more injured.INTERPOL’s 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre (CCC) at its General Secretariat headquarters is in close contact with the National Central Bu...

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