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The INTERPOL Global Learning Centre provides a comprehensive range of online learning opportunities to INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus (NCB), the wider police community across the world, and staff at the General Secretariat in Lyon and INTERPOL Regional Bureaus.

Although some of our resources are public, only law enforcement officers have the right to access our E-learning modules. IGLC is available for INTERPOL staff via the INTERPOL Intranet (dashboard) and to NCBs via the I-24/7 Network. There is also a secure HTTPS site (password required) for law enforcement officials.

If you are a member of any Law Enforcement Organization and require access to our platform, send a request to your NCB asking them to send an e-mail with your name, surname, title, agency, and e-mail address to and we will then provide you with an HTTPS account and password to access the HTTPS site.


New course

Identifying a person in a facial photograph

Description: Identifying a person based on a photograph in a passport or other document is a challenging task. An identity document only has room for a small photographs, which may be poor quality. This course will familiarize users with ways of developing their identification skills.

Special Note: INTERPOL wishes to thank the Finnish Police for providing this course to INTERPOL and allowing for its distribution to authorized users of the INTERPOL Global Learning Centre (IGLC).

Duration: 120 minutes

Target Audience: INTERPOL and Law Enforcement Officers working on this domain

Availability : I-Le@rn and HTTPS

Language: English

Certification: No

Updated on 06-22-2016