What are your rights?

I want to know if INTERPOL is processing information related to me

Any person may submit a request seeking:

  1. to know whether information concerning him/her has been processed through INTERPOL’s channels;
  2. access to this information. 

The request is processed by the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF), which is an independent organ of INTERPOL monitoring the processing of personal data through the Organization’s channels. The CCF will assess the admissibility of each request in light of the requesting party’s right of access to the files and the documents submitted.

The request for access is free of charge and will not be used for the purposes of international police and judicial cooperation.

For further information about the submission of such requests, please see the CCF’s webpage.

For further information about the CCF’s work, see also Frequently asked questions.

I want to modify/delete information related to me in INTERPOL’s files

Any request to modify/delete information in INTERPOL’s files is processed by the CCF. Such request should also be accompanied by a summary of the arguments in support of the request with a copy of the relevant documents if appropriate.

Will the information submitted in my request be disclosed to a third party?

The CCF’s files are confidential.

Requests to access INTERPOL’s files or to modify/delete information in INTEPROL’s files will not be processed in the INTERPOL Information System.

The CCF may nonetheless need to communicate certain items of information to the INTERPOL General Secretariat or to the sources of information in order to be able to process the request, unless the requesting party objects.

However, the CCF cannot guarantee that information communicated by requesting parties will remain confidential unless the information is sent to it directly by post.

When can I expect a reply to my request?

The CCF acknowledges receipt of the request upon receipt. It then consults the parties concerned in order to reach a conclusion based on all relevant elements.

Delays may occur as requests are processed in order of arrival and depending on the complexity of the case which may require further consultation.

When the CCF’s decision has become final, the requesting party is notified.

How does INTERPOL ensure that the processing of personal data through its channels is lawful?

The processing of information through INTERPOL’s channels abides by international data protection principles and is notably governed by the following instruments:

  1. INTERPOL’s Constitution
  2. INTERPOL’s Rules on the Processing of Data
  3. Rules on the Control of Information and Access to INTERPOL’s Files

Under Article 36 of INTERPOL’s Constitution and Article 1 (a) of the Rules on the Control of Information and Access to INTERPOL’s Files, the CCF is the official organ of INTERPOL responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal information by the Organization is in compliance with the relevant adopted rules, international human rights standards and general principles of data protection.

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