CRIMJUST is one of nine projects funded by the European Union’s Cocaine Route Programme, which seeks to promote regional and international cooperation, as opposed to a fragmented law enforcement approach along the trafficking route.

CRIMJUST complements the Cocaine Route Programme’s eight other projects with a stronger focus on criminal investigations and criminal justice cooperation.

The overall objective of the project is to fight organized crime, with a particular focus on drug trafficking along the cocaine route(s) in Latin America, the Caribbean (LAC) and West Africa (WA) in line with international legal instruments.

Implemented in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Transparency International, the project supports 12 countries in LAC and WA to counter organized crime along the cocaine route by focusing on three pillars:

  • Capacity building;
  • Interregional cooperation;
  • Institutional integrity.

The countries involved in the Project CRIMJUST are:

  • For West Africa: Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria
  • For Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.


As the world’s largest police organization, INTERPOL ‘s role is to support law enforcement officers handling organized crime and/or drug trafficking cases. This is achieved by strengthening their ability to conduct joint or coordinated cross-border investigations and by encouraging the systematic exchange of data at inter-regional level.

Throughout the project, INTERPOL will facilitate cross-border investigations via mentoring mechanisms and by providing access to its secure communications channels to exchange and crosscheck information. We will also:

  • Support the collection of data and provide analytical support;
  • Organize international conferences and meetings to examine case studies, share information and encourage networking.

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