ASEAN Cyber Capacity Development (2016-2018)

The ASEAN Cyber Capacity Development Project aims to strengthen the ability of ASEAN countries to combat cybercrime, as well as to boost cooperation between countries and with regional and international partners in cybercrime matters. The project also fosters regional strategic discussion, identifies trends and provides a foundation for improved information exchange.

Supporting all 10 ASEAN member countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), the two-year (2016-2018) project is funded by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) 2.0, via the ASEAN Secretariat and with the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs as the project proponent.

Activities to be conducted as part of the project include:

  • National Cyber Reviews (NCR);
  • Practical training on cybercrime investigations, digital forensics and malware analysis;
  • Research seminars;
  • Information sharing workshops;
  • Meetings of decision makers;
  • Awareness sessions.

Around its halfway mark in February 2018, nine training sessions and related meetings had been conducted, bringing together more than 250 participants from across the ASEAN region and more than 25 trainers and expert speakers from all over the world. In parallel, the project team has carried out National Cyber Reviews in four beneficiary countries.

An ongoing, central activity of the project are the National Cyber Reviews (NCR), which will be conducted in each beneficiary country. The NCR is a comprehensive assessment of a country’s capability to prevent, detect and investigate cybercrime, looking at law enforcement capabilities as well as legislation. Following the review, a detailed report is produced which includes tailored recommendations for enhancing the existing institutional, operational, legal and technical frameworks for dealing with cybercrime.

On the Meeting of Decision Makers and Heads of Cybercrime

On the Cybercrime Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies and Judicial Authorities

On the topic of the National Cyber Reviews

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