Operation Infra

Operation Infra is an INTERPOL initiative to locate and arrest serious long-term international fugitives.

2016: Operation Infra Hydra

Targeting the criminal networks behind people smuggling, 31 countries have identified 180 fugitives as part of Operation Infra Hydra.
Since the beginning of the operation, 57 individuals have already been arrested or located. INTERPOL is now calling on the public’s assistance to help locate and bring the remaining fugitives to justice.
Ten targets have been specifically highlighted as part of the public appeal.

Anyone with information on the possible location of the targets of Operation Infra Hydra, should contact their local police or INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit.

ABDULLAH, Jan Romania ABDULLAH Jan set up an organized crime group in order to traffic migrants. The group arranged transportation, fake documents and wrote "how to" guides on illegally crossing the Romanian border.
ALIYEV, Tajeddin Azerbaijan As head of passenger control at the international airport in Baku, Tajeddin ALIYEV, along with members of his staff and an airline company employee, received payment to arrange the illegal crossing of two Iraqi nationals.
CRUCERESCU, Mariana Romania Mariana CRUCERESCU is convicted of heading an organized crime group which facilitated the illegal passage of individuals through Hungarian and Austrian border points for up to EUR 3,000 per person.
GAVRIC, Sasa Croatia As a member of an organized crime group, Sasa GAVRIC received payment to smuggle 20 people across Croatia and into Slovenia.
KOLEV, Kolya Georgiev Hungary Kolyo Georgiev KOLEV is accused of transporting Afghan nationals in to Austria via Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. His vehicle was involved in a motorway accident in which two migrants were killed.
MOHAMMAD, Arshad Slovakia Arshad MOHAMMAD is accused of working with a criminal group in Slovakia to traffic migrants to Italy via Austria. Migrants were from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
NEGASH, Fitwi Italy Fitiwi NEGASH is accused of smuggling individuals from Libya to Northern Europe via Italy (Sicily).
NGUYEN, Van Vinh Czech Republic As a member of an organized crime group, Van Vinh NGUYEN smuggled and housed Vietnamese nationals across three European countries.
PEHLIC, Almir Slovenia Almir PEHLIC is convicted of illegally transporting Afghan and Turkish migrants from Hungary into Slovenia.
THRON, Amer Bulgaria Amer THRON is accused of smuggling Iraqi nationals across the Bulgarian border.

Michael O’Connell, Director of INTERPOL’s Operational Support and Analysis unit

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