Instruction for use of the Interpol DVI Form Set


This DVI form set is intended for use in cases of major disaster as well as in single cases - in particular, when data concerning a known missing person or an unknown dead person are to be forwarded to another country. Provided the same form set is used, simple reference to the item number (e.g. AM-18/2 or PM-43/02/4) will ensure correct transmission of data.

Filing of Report, when case is closed

Whenever an identification has been made and the Comparison Report filled in, the AM and PM forms are to be joined into one report. All AM forms should be punched with holes along the right margin, and all PM forms punched along the left margin; the pages should be placed in such a way that corresponding page numbers face one another (yellow-pink, yellow-pink), by which corresponding data can be directly compared page by page.

The Victim identification Report is the final document to be filled in; this closes the case.

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