People smuggling operations and training

We combine training with operational support to help law enforcement officials detect people smugglers.

Our unique position in the international law enforcement community allows us to coordinate police action on the ground and train officers in a range of skills, including interview techniques and the use of specialized equipment.

Building capacity

To ensure our global network is efficient and robust, we strengthen the ability of police forces, where needed, with skills and specialized training.

Since irregular migration is becoming an increasingly serious security threat, improving the exchange of police information and boosting the use of tailored INTERPOL expertise and databases is central to our training efforts against people smuggling.

Our training courses focus on the latest investigative skills required to coordinate transnational responses to people smuggling, including the use of open sources and mobile forensics as a complement to traditional police methods.

Smuggling Training Operation Programme

Our Smuggling Training Operation Programme helps enhance the capabilities of frontline officers in member countries to detect organized people smuggling groups that provide stolen or lost travel documents or individuals involved in organized crime.

The STOP model consists of in-class training immediately followed by operational exercises on the ground. Officers are trained in:

  • I24/7, INTERPOL’s secure communications system;
  • Our range of databases, specifically the Stolen and Lost Travel Document database and wanted persons;
  • The use of biometrics.

At the heart of the project is the extension of access for police at strategic border points. This enhanced infrastructure provides immediate benefits during field operations, along with a lasting legacy of improved operational capacity for the country in question.


We support national police in tactical deployments aimed at breaking up the criminal networks behind people smuggling.

STOP Mauritania - 2019

20 frontline officers were trained on key INTERPOL policing capabilities, leading to the arrest of an Iraqi citizen travelling on a stolen Danish passport.

STOP Mauritanie
Operation Andes – December 2018

An INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting migrant smuggling networks across the Americas which led to the arrest of 49 suspected people smugglers.

Operation Andes