Our response to people smuggling

We offer investigative support to tackle the criminal networks behind people smuggling.

People smuggling takes place on all scales but our focus is on organized networks, due to their international dimension. We remain one of the only mechanisms for police to communicate securely among the different regions involved.

We offer a range of expertise, databases and services to law enforcement officials in source, transit and destination countries. This helps them to exchange information and coordinate action against smuggling syndicates.

We also coordinate global operations to disrupt and dismantle the criminal networks behind people smuggling and related crimes.

Our expertise

We offer the following services to our member countries:

  • Databases, including the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents, fraudulent document databases such as FIELDS and Edison, and forensic databases of fingerprints and DNA profiles;
  • Notices, such as Red Notices for wanted criminals, Yellow Notices for missing persons including unaccompanied minors, Black Notices to identify bodies, Purple Notices to alert on new modus operandi and Blue Notices for persons of interest;
  • Analytical support to provide member countries with updated global intelligence;
  • Access to our databases for officials at major airport borders and remote land borders;
  • Incident Response Teams and Investigative Support Teams, which can be requested by member countries for operational support at short notice;
  • The Integrated Border Management Task Force, the central point of contact and coordination for international border-security activities at INTERPOL.

INTERPOL Specialized Operational Network (ISON) against people smuggling

ISON is an international law enforcement network of 160 specialists from immigration, customs and investigative units in source, transit and destination countries. The group, which represents more than 120 countries, meets regularly to share specific, case-related intelligence on threats, trends, routes and modus operandi.

Operation Andes Colombia
Operation Andes was initiated by Colombia in February 2018 during an ISON meeting.

This network plays a crucial role in building relationships, leading to a deeper understanding of the smuggling phenomenon and in some cases, operations in the field.