The most wanted works of art

Every June and December, we publish a poster highlighting those works of art most wanted by INTERPOL.

Distributed via all INTERPOL National Central Bureaus to law enforcement agencies worldwide, this tool raises awareness of works that have been stolen over the previous six months.

Since the publication of the first poster in June 1972, a total of 534 objects have been highlighted, of which 51 have been located. With a success rate of around 20 per cent, the value of the poster is clear.

June 2016 - 46a December 2016 - 46b
June 2015 - 45a December 2015 - 45b

Special appeals

At the request of a member country, INTERPOL can publish a special poster for notable thefts.

Objects stolen from Mosul Museum, Iraq

In 2015, a total of 94 items of invaluable cultural heritage were stolen from the Mosul Museum in Iraq. Many other objects were destroyed.


At the request of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Baghdad, we have issued a special poster to raise awareness of the thefts and to facilitate their recovery. This publicity also draws attention to the extent of the cultural damage being carried out in Iraq and in other conflict zones such as Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.


The objects are also featured in the INTERPOL database of stolen works of art.


Works of art stolen in Verona, Italy

In November 2015, we published a poster for 17 masterpieces stolen from the Castelvecchio Civic Museum in Verona, Italy. Their combined value was around EUR 20 million.



What you can do 

We would like to remind all stakeholders to verify systematically the provenance and title of cultural objects entering the art market, checking them against the INTERPOL database of stolen works of art.

Any information about stolen items should be reported to the police in your country or to the INTERPOL General Secretariat

Please remember that the database contains only those objects that have been officially reported as stolen by member countries. An object may have been stolen, even if it does not appear in the INTERPOL database.