The websites listed below deal with different aspects of vehicle crime and may prove useful for operational and investigative purposes.

Police databases


Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) – search facility for stolen vehicles and bicycles:


Lithuanian Police – search facility for stolen vehicles (engine and VIN/body no.) and licence plates:

Lithuanian Police – search facility for documents:

Lithuanian Police – search facility for wanted persons:


Slovenian Ministry of the Interior / Police – search facility for stolen vehicles as well as missing and wanted persons:


National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) – VINCheck (enables check on stolen vehicles in database which is supported by about 1,000 insurance companies within the US):

Note: Only 5 checks per 24 hours are allowed.

Other search facilities


Search application for stolen Caterpillar machinery (login required for more advanced search options):

Registration services

Please note that most of these portals charge fees for the provided services.


Summary of all available search applications for cars registered in the Swiss cantons:

United Kingdom

HPI (vehicle history service) - Check facility with registration plate (fee-based):

MyCarCheck – Free identification check (via VIN); more information available on fee basis:

United States

State of Texas – Service for vehicle titles and registration:

State of Wisconsin – Platform for numerous online services, including check on licence plate status:

Identification of international licence plates
(List of licence plates, sorted by countries)
(Home of licence plate collector with over 75.000 samples)
(Collection of US, Canadian and Mexican licence plates)
(Licence plate samples from more than 90 countries)


Public Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents Online (Free) (PRADO)

Colour / paint

Paintscratch – Online service for identifying colour codes and names:

Online facilities to identify colour and paint codes:

VIN decoder

Various VIN decoders are available on the Internet. Here are just a few examples:

WMI identifier

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – Database about all car manufacturers, identified by WMI, name or type:

The NHTSA also offers the service to download all manufacturers’ information (stored within a regularly updated MS Access file). Simply use the link “Go to the FTP page”.

Car value 

Red Book – Online publication listing new and used cars, including information on some identifiers and model revisions:

Container and ship tracking

List of online services to track shipments by container number and/or by identifying booking or bill of lading documents:

List of online services to locate ships by different identifiers (e.g. name, port, callsign etc.):

Insurance contact points

National insurer contact points in Europe

For further information, please contact the Vehicle Crime Unit at the INTERPOL General Secretariat

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