Advice for car owners

What to do if your vehicle is stolen

  • Always have the following information about your vehicle ready: year, make/model, license plate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), colour, any distinguishing features, radio number and GPS number.
  • Keep note of distinguishing marks such as scratches and dents. Also, permanently etch or mark accessories with your driver's license number, and drop a business card down the window slot to serve as identification in the event the VIN is removed.
  • In the event that you see someone stealing your car, do not try to stop him physically. Instead, make as much noise as possible and call the police.
  • Stolen vehicles are often used to commit other offences (bank roberries, murders, etc.). It is very important to report the theft as soon as possible.
  • Never accept any attempt at blackmail or "business offers" from criminals in order to regain your vehicle. Inform the police in case of any contact with criminals.

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