Advice for car owners


Another type of vehicle-related crime is known as carjacking. This involves an attack on a driver with the aim of robbing the person, stealing the car, or both.

  • Check the back seat or hatch for intruders before getting to your car. 
  • Once inside the car, lock all doors and, if possible, leave windows up until you have reached your destination. 
  • Remain alert and check that you are not being followed and that there are no suspicious vehicles and/or people following you, or loitering around your home.
  • Be very careful if you witness a minor accident: it may be simulated. If you suspect something is wrong, do not get out, and open the window only slightly to speak to the other person.
  • If a passing motorist indicates that you should stop, keep driving to a service station. If you decide to stop, stay in the car with the doors locked and the window partly open to speak through. Drive away if you feel threatened.
  • Do not resist if you are attacked. Whatever the value of your car, it is not worth your life.