Raising awareness

Raising awareness is an integral part of INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting programme. 

The common denominator in all types of illicit trade is the involvement of transnational organized criminals who control the manufacture and distribution of illicit goods worldwide.

INTERPOL has an established leadership role in combating transnational organized crime.  This provides a solid foundation on which to develop and implement a holistic long-term strategy to combat all types of trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting in partnership with member countries and associated industries. 


This awareness campaign uses online and offline communications channels to effectively communicate the threats of illicit trade and its links to organized crime.

Target audiences

We work to highlight the issues around illicit trade and encourage conversation among diverse audiences in each of our member countries:

  • General public (consumers)
  •  Governments
  •  Law enforcement
  •  Private sector and associated industries

Key messages

  • Illicit trade funds organized crime – no product area is immune to counterfeiting.
  • Need for cross-sector involvement in operations, training, implementing regulation.
  • Partnership with the private sector is essential to successfully combat illicit trade.


The campaign integrates traditional media with the latest digital tools into a multiplatform approach.  You can watch, follow and comment on all the latest INTERPOL-generated content at the following accounts:

Organized crime starts with money, don't let it be yours

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