Legal assistance

Countering illicit trade and intellectual property (IP) crime calls for dynamic and creative legal services to support law enforcement action.

Illicit trade and IP crime are able to expand due to several factors, including:

  • the combination of weak penalties in force in many jurisdictions;
  • the frequent lack of specialization of law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges;
  • a general tendency by national authorities to invest few resources in this area.

Against this background, we provide the following legal services to our member countries:

  • Reform of domestic laws
    Robust legal frameworks are crucial in the fight against illicit trade and IP crime. We assist member countries in the formulation and drafting of new criminal legislation as well as in the ratification and implementation of relevant international treaties.
  • Capacity building and training
    In order to efficiently tackle new criminal trends, law enforcement and criminal justice officials need to strengthen their skills and knowledge. To this end, training seminars are delivered at the national and regional level. These activities involve national and international experts from both the public and the private sector. They offer an opportunity for the exchange of best practices, the discussion of case studies and the analysis of international standards and requirements.
  • Legal advice
    INTERPOL is available to work with member countries on targeted legal issues relating to illicit trade and IP crime. These may include specific criminal cases and offences to be charged, advice on legal processes, legislative updates, implementation of international treaties, the role of the private sector in a criminal trial, and any other legal advice sought.
  • Expert colloquia
    High-profile experts are invited to discuss specific legal problems and challenges. The ultimate aim is to develop new legal approaches and to produce guidelines and models for the benefit of policy-makers and the law enforcement community at large.
  • Online expert forum
    Currently under construction, this virtual forum will allow those involved in INTERPOL’s legal activities to discuss issues relating to illicit trade. Criminal justice officers from different countries will be able to share legal analyses and find new ways to work together.

First INTERPOL Intellectual Property (IP) Law Enforcement Regional Conference for the Middle East and North African Region Kuwait City, Kuwait, 1-3 June 2015 Dr. Hala DAOUD - RUMEAU-MAILLOT, Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs, INTERPOL

2014 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-25 September 2014

INTERPOL Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting Capacity Building Seminar Hangzhou, China, 24-27 September 2013

INTERPOL Trafficking in Illicit Goods International Training and Capacity Building Seminar Mumbai, India, 27-30 November 2012

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