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The International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) is a fully interactive online training facility on the subject of intellectual property crime. It is aimed at the law enforcement community as well as judicial authorities, regulatory bodies and government officials.

The College delivers leading-edge training to equip investigators with the skills to respond to current and emerging threats from the transnational organized networks behind trafficking in illicit goods.

The certified course, recognized by INTERPOL, sets international standards and provides professionals working to combat intellectual property (IP) crime with specialist awareness and knowledge in this field.

IIPCIC Core Curriculum

The introductory and intermediate levels of the IIPCIC course are available online at

  • Introductory level (modules 1-7): These modules are designed for investigators who want to learn more about IP crime and who would like to undertake these types of cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to identify typical IP crime cases and initiate actions to undertake counterfeiting and piracy investigations.
  • Intermediate level (modules 8-14): These modules have been developed for investigators who want to enhance their knowledge of IP crime and who would like to actively pursue counterfeiting and piracy cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to conduct transnational organized IP crime cases and provide specialist advice to colleagues.

The modules are available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, and will in the future be available in a number of other languages.

IIPCIC training certificate

Upon successful completion of these 14 core modules (both introductory and intermediate levels), students will earn a certificate, endorsed by INTERPOL, which certifies that they have “successfully completed a course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime”.

View a sample IIPCIC training certificate

Advanced course on investigating online counterfeiting and piracy

This eight-module course is part of our IIPCIC curriculum and provides students with the detailed knowledge and skills required to successfully lead and manage online criminal investigations.
Topics include:

  • Online distribution of counterfeit and pirated content;
  • Investigating online infringement and digital crime scene management.

To take this course, students must have first completed the IIPCIC core curriculum.

For more details about this new course, visit:

Industry-specific modules for law enforcement

IIPCIC works with industry groups and stakeholders to provide the law enforcement community with access to the latest information about the IP-related challenges that industry faces. 
These modules are designed to supplement the IIPCIC core curriculum and include topics such as:

  • Anti-counterfeiting operations relating to apparel and electrical goods;
  • Investigating audiovisual Internet piracy.

How to enrol?

Law enforcement officers can take the online training at no cost. For information on how to enrol, please visit

IP Crime Investigators College

INTERPOL International IP Crime Investigators College

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