Skills and knowledge

At INTERPOL, we are developing our ability to train individuals from a variety of sectors in combating pharmaceutical crime.

Training is accompanied by the distribution of an investigative guide produced by the Permament Forum on International Pharmaceutical Crime and available in six languages.

Practical training is delivered in advance of an on-the-ground intervention while specialized courses focus on investigative techniques. Participating officers come from police, customs and drug regulatory authorities, government departments and independent institutes. The assistance of trainers from the private sector completes the exchange of expertise and best practice.

We also offer e-leaning opportunities. Authorized officials from the INTERPOL community and other partners are able to access an online course to get basic knowledge on different topics. These include:

  • Investigation of pharmaceutical crime;
  • Information technology and traceability;
  • Collection of evidence;
  • Preparation of a judicial case.

Among our notable partners in the area of training and development are the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore and the Institute for Research (IRACM).

Operation Pangea VIII

June 2015: Targeting the online sale of illicit medicines. More than 20 million units of illicit medicines seized, 550 illicit online adverts blocked and 2,400 illicit online pharmacies suspended.  

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