Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative to Combat Crime

Fake medicines threaten the lives of millions of people around the world.

At INTERPOL, our efforts to combat this global health problem were given renewed impetus in March 2013 by the Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative to Combat Crime.

In this agreement with 29 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, funding worth EUR 4.5 million over three years will enable us to build on our current activities and boost the law enforcement community’s response to pharmaceutical crime.

The programme will focus on the prevention of all types of pharmaceutical crime including the counterfeiting of both branded and generic drugs.

As well as funding law enforcement operations to identify and dismantle the organized crime networks linked to this illegal activity, the programme will also allow for expanded training and capacity building opportunities for police, and for stronger partnership development between INTERPOL and the pharmaceutical sector.

Given the scale of the problem – according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 10 per cent of medicines are fake and these figures can go up to 30 per cent, particularly in some poorer countries – an  essential part of the programme is to raise public awareness of the dangers of fake drugs, particularly for people buying medicines on the Internet.

The companies participating in this initiative are:

Awareness campaign

The videos below highlight the risks of buying medicines online.

Susan's story - fake sleeping medication

Cheryl's story - fake weight loss pills

Chad's story - fake blood pressure pills

John's story - fake erectile dysfunction drugs

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