Organized crime

Definitions of what constitutes organized crime vary widely from country to country. Organized networks are typically involved in many different types of criminal activity spanning several countries.

These activities may include trafficking in humans, illicit goods, weapons and drugs, armed robbery, counterfeiting and money laundering. Indeed, almost all the crimes areas that we tackle at INTERPOL have an organized aspect.

In this section we focus on three projects that were set up in response to very particular types of criminal network, each of which comes with its unique set of challenges.

These projects facilitate cooperation among our member countries and stimulate the exchange of information between all national and international enforcement bodies concerned with countering these problems.

Our aims within these projects are to:

  • Provide professional and technical expertise;
  • Collect, analyse and disseminate relevant police data;
  • Coordinate international investigations;
  • Identify, establish and maintain contact with experts in the field;
  • Publish manuals, handbooks and reports for investigators.

Additionally, we pursue strategic partnerships with other international organizations and institutions active in specific crime areas, and carry out joint projects on an international level.

07 February 2019

Rwandan President meets with INTERPOL Chief as African Regional Conference concludes

30 January 2019

Finnish fugitive arrested in Albania with INTERPOL support

29 January 2019

Senior Afghan officials discuss crime and terrorism with INTERPOL Chief

18 January 2019

Detecting fake travel documents focus of INTERPOL training

15 January 2019

INTERPOL - African Union agreement to boost fight against terrorism and organized crime

28 December 2018

Strengthening global security through regional training to tackle organised crime and terrorism

18 December 2018

Americas: INTERPOL-led Operation Andes nets 49 people smugglers

17 December 2018

Organized crime: 22 arrests in French operation supported by INTERPOL

14 December 2018

Fugitive investigations: enhancing interregional police cooperation

07 December 2018

Combating criminal gangs focus of INTERPOL Americas conference

05 December 2018

International experts meet on potential threat posed by new technologies

05 December 2018

INTERPOL fugitive probe nets most wanted suspect

18 November 2018

INTERPOL General Assembly focuses on innovation in policing

09 November 2018

Enhancing national sports integrity: INTERPOL and IOC collaboration

24 October 2018

Protecting cultural heritage by disrupting the illicit trade

18 October 2018

Combating document fraud focus of INTERPOL training

17 October 2018

Drug trafficking: 55 tonnes of narcotics seized worldwide

11 October 2018

Stolen motor vehicles: INTERPOL supports Austrian operation

04 October 2018

Bolivia presents INTERPOL Chief with award recognizing Organization’s work

03 October 2018

INTERPOL Chief accepts Peruvian award on behalf of Organization

26 September 2018

Organized crime underpins major conflicts and terrorism globally

25 September 2018

Combating the global threat of illicit trade

21 September 2018

International experts meet on electronic mutual legal assistance

13 September 2018

Global security requires regional support, INTERPOL Chief tells EAPCCO meeting

13 September 2018

INTERPOL and Serbian Presidents discuss enhanced cooperation in combating crime

10 September 2018

Human trafficking: 100 victims rescued in Sudan

29 August 2018

Strengthening security in Southern Africa

17 August 2018

Illegal gambling: raids and arrests across Asia in INTERPOL operation

27 July 2018

INTERPOL and IOC renew partnership to strengthen sports integrity

05 July 2018

Organized crime leaders arrested in Spanish operation

20 June 2018

Wildlife crime: global seizures and arrests in transcontinental operation

22 May 2018

South Pacific INTERPOL training strengthens regional response to organized crime

06 April 2018

Regions underpin our global police architecture – INTERPOL Chief

28 March 2018

Major event security experts meet on cyber threats

22 March 2018

INTERPOL Chief discusses security with Saudi Interior Minister

21 March 2018

INTERPOL operation in Southeast Asia targets movement of bomb-makers

14 March 2018

Intelligence-led best practices to fight terrorism focus of INTERPOL training

08 March 2018

INTERPOL conference highlights role of women leaders in policing

13 February 2018

INTERPOL Chief and Kuwait Interior Minister discuss terrorism at Global Coalition meeting

09 February 2018

Nigerian police getting increased access to INTERPOL information

05 February 2018

INTERPOL and UN chiefs address global security issues

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