INTERPOL Illicit Arms Records and tracing Management System (iARMS)

Firearms of interest

For the purposes of iARMS, a firearm is deemed to be “illicit” if:

  • It is considered illicit under the law of the country in whose territorial jurisdiction it is found; or
  • It is transferred in violation of an arms embargo decided by the United Nations Security Council in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations; or
  • It is not marked in accordance with the International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, in a Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons (International Tracing Instrument); or
  • It is manufactured or assembled without a license or authorization from the competent authority of the country where the manufacture or assembly takes place; or
  • It is transferred without a license or authorization as required by a competent national authority.


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