INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN)


Technology and access

INTERPOL and Forensic Technology have launched a public-private partnership that enables INTERPOL to act as the world's first international hub for the cross-border exchange of ballistic data.

In an effort to improve access to essential investigative tools, we are providing the network through which any member country that is equipped with IBIS® will be able to share and compare ballistic data.

How IBIS® technology works

IBIS captures digital images of the unique microscopic markings that are found on fired bullets and cartridge cases. An electronic signature is extracted from each image and is compared against the database of previously entered images.

The system provides potential matches (hits) that may link two or more crimes or a suspect’s gun to prior crime(s), thus allowing forensic experts to give police more timely information that can be used to help solve and prevent crimes.

Countries using IBIS on a national level have generated more than 60,000 matches in total. These, in turn, have linked some 120,000 gun-related crimes by providing police with crime-solving leads which would not have been attainable through other means.

The IBIN system takes investigations to the next level by allowing countries to compare data internationally.

Access for non-IBIN members

Law enforcement agencies from non-IBIN member countries can benefit from IBIN’s international ballistics database. In order to utilize this database, you will need to contact the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in your country for assistance.

For test fires, simply follow the steps outlined in the IBIN Handbook (pages 12 to 14) which will walk you through the process.

For evidence, you will first need to follow the steps for double-casting resin replicas (pages 61 to 91) of your exhibits as described in the IBIN Handbook before following the same process outlined for test fires above.

For more information, please contact the Firearms unit.

Current IBIN Member Countries

Current IBIN Member Countries

IBIN countries

For more information regarding the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network or other aspects of the INTERPOL Firearms Programme, please use the email link below.

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