INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN)


A global problem requiring a connected response

Firearm-related crimes overlap with other crime areas. These include, but are not limited to, corruption, environmental crime, human trafficking, maritime piracy, organized crime and terrorism.

The INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network is used to share data on crime guns and casings recovered:

  • Within 80 kilometers of international borders;
  • By customs or border officials;
  • From suspected traffickers of any type of contraband (drugs, documents, guns, etc.);
  • In groups of three or more firearms;
  • Related to terrorist activities;
  • From persons with a residence in another country.

IBIN is the only large-scale international ballistic data sharing network in the world. It allows police to develop new investigative leads based on ballistic cross-comparison and to find connections between separate crime scenes from different countries that could have otherwise highly remained undetected.

Firearms evidence knows no borders – IBIN has uncovered numerous connections between firearm-related crime scenes in different countries.

Current IBIN Member Countries

Current IBIN Member Countries

IBIN countries

For more information regarding the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network or other aspects of the INTERPOL Firearms Programme, please use the email link below.

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