Social engineering fraud

‘Social engineering fraud’ is a broad term that refers to the scams used by criminals to trick, deceive and manipulate their victims into giving out confidential information and funds.

Criminals exploit a person’s trust in order to find out their banking details, passwords or other personal data.

Scams are carried out online – for example, by email or through social networking sites – by telephone, or even in person.

How to report a scam


Follow the steps below:

  • Immediately contact your financial institution and report any unusual activity;
  • Change any passwords or credentials possibly hijacked. Where possible, choose a second layer of authentication, for example, combining a password and SMS verification;
  • Report the incident to police or the appropriate agency in your country;
  • Save all received and sent emails and text messages;
  • Save all documents of any transactions and remittances.


If you think you have revealed sensitive information about your company or organization, follow the steps described above.

In addition, report the details to the relevant people in your company, including your security and IT departments.

If you receive an email from someone claiming to represent INTERPOL, requesting personal information or bank account information, you should ignore it and treat it as spam.

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