Counterfeit currency and security documents

Training activities worldwide

INTERPOL offers standardized training programmes and reference materials in the area of counterfeit currency and security documents. These training courses are delivered worldwide to forensic document examiners, border control officers, immigration officials and prosecutors, and they complement the forensic, operational and technical support that INTERPOL provides in this domain.

Train-the-trainer programme

INTERPOL and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have developed a train-the-trainer programme and accompanying guide entitled Introduction to Security Document Examination.

The goal is to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of the target audience on how to recognize illegally created security documents or the fraudulent use of genuine security documents. In addition, the training programme aims to increase communication and intelligence sharing among border and immigration control officers, forensic personnel, prosecutors, the judiciary and other relevant parties. As well as fostering personal contacts, the training helps implement common standards and best practice.

Comprising 12 modules and three practical exercises, the programme covers topics such as personalization and printing techniques, security features, types of document fraud, international cooperation and INTERPOL’s specialized databases including Edison TD, Dial-Doc and DISCS.

Since 2011, we have trained more than 1,000 participants in all INTERPOL’s statutory regions (Africa, Asia, America and Europe), who have in turn been shared their newly acquired skills and knowledge with colleagues in their home countries.


We have also designed our own e-learning module on Security Document Examination. This project was funded by the US Department of State and has been made available to all INTERPOL member countries.

The e-learning platform provides a virtual community where practitioners can share their knowledge, experience and best practices while continuing the learning process. This programme provides relevant documents for reading and discussion, online activities, examinations and final evaluations of the completed exercises. It covers three modules, namely, security document examination, document fraud, and international cooperation.


International cooperation is essential in order to reduce the threat of identity-related crimes worldwide. As such, we have entered into partnerships with other regional and international organizations, governments and private companies.

We have been able to expand the e-learning package by working closely with national governments to acquire additional materials. The Finnish National Police donated its facial comparison training module which can now be accessed by law enforcement officers in all INTERPOL member countries via the I-24/7 secure global police communications system.

Similarly, the private company Keesing has made available its Documentchecker Banknotes reference database, under the nameGenuine Currency Library. This online tool will allow authorized users to access a comprehensive library of authentic banknotes in order to quickly identify their security features and main characteristics. Updated on a monthly basis, the library contains more than 5,000 banknotes and more than 70,000 images of critical details.

In 2015, we started partnering with and attracting funds from private companies in the security printing and forensic equipment industry, with the aim of conducting five regional train-the-trainer courses for INTERPOL’s member countries. This approach has made possible the training of more participants from those regions and backgrounds that are lacking in resources. The number of officials being trained has tripled over a five year period, while the number of training courses delivered has increased from three per year to 10 per year.

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