Online safety

The Internet and technology have penetrated nearly every aspect of our daily lives. This has created many positive conveniences, but also provides criminals with opportunities to reach new victims.

It is important to protect yourself and your devices from criminals who wish to exploit them. However, technology is constantly evolving and criminals are always finding new ways to manipulate it, so you must always remain vigilant and adopt new safety measures on a regular basis.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe. There are also many other valuable resources offering online safety advice, and we encourage you to use all available information to protect yourself and your activities.

Targeted in a global operation coordinated by INTERPOL in April 2015, the Simda botnet was used by cyber criminals to gain remote access to computers, enabling the theft of personal details, including banking passwords, as well as spreading other malware. Simda is believed to have infected more than 770,000 computers worldwide.

How do I know if I’ve been affected?

The majority of computer owners will be unaware their machine has been infected and are advised to check their devices and run a broad spectrum anti-virus software.

Microsoft has developed a free cleaning agent for Simda. If you have been infected by Simda.AT, run a comprehensive scan of your environment using Microsoft Safety Scanner, Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender.

Kaspersky Lab has set up a self-check webpage where the public can see if their IP address has been found to be part of a Simda botnet:

Free virus scans are available from:

Computer users should clean their machines regularly, even after Simda has been removed, as other malware could remain.

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