Chemical and explosives terrorism

Project Watchmaker

This global initiative enables INTERPOL’s member countries to identify and track known or suspected individuals involved in the manufacture or use of explosives. This is achieved via working groups that facilitate the exchange of biometric data and document records.

Watchmaker assists member countries in identifying and uploading profiles of known and suspected individuals to a dedicated database. This enables both covert and overt detection of individuals as they cross international borders, thereby alerting police in INTERPOL’s member countries to take appropriate legal action. 


Project Watchmaker provides operational and specialized support to member countries through the sharing of INTERPOL Notices and warning messages on individuals manufacturing or using chemical improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These Notices serve as a platform by which technical information on chemical IEDs may be shared, updated and modified by member countries.


  • To develop a database of known and wanted persons involved with the manufacture or use of explosives and IEDs constructed using toxic chemicals and other chemical substances;
  • To alert police and border security services with the transnational movement of bomb makers, enabling action to be undertaken where deemed appropriate;
  • To support investigations;
  • Coordinating the exchange of additional information including technical data and the ‘forensic signatures’ of individual bomb makers;
  • INTERPOL Notices, or global alerts, will be used to communicate with and support member countries in countering the threat posed by chemical IEDs.


Southeast Asia

Middle East (Iraq)


National Central Bureau and national counter-terrorism/counter-Improvised Explosive Devices officers.


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia

Global Affairs Canada

INTERPOL Project Watchmaker

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