Chemical and explosives terrorism

Project Crimp (Chemical Risk Identification and Mitigation Project)

Chemicals and precursors can become dangerous weapons if they fall into the wrong hands. Project Crimp helps INTERPOL member countries determine which chemicals pose the greatest risk of being diverted and misused, with a view to preventing criminals and terrorist groups from obtaining them.


Crimp is an intelligence-led project that delivers theoretical and practical training. It brings together law enforcement agencies and chemical industry partners to develop a risk matrix of the most significant chemicals of concern, based on local threat.

Participants can then implement targeted law enforcement countermeasures to detect, deter and disrupt non-state actors from accessing the highest risk chemicals.


The training course is divided into two phases of one week each:

  • Phase 1: assessing and prioritizing the chemical risks;
  • Phase 2: establishing and delivering a chemical countermeasures programme.



Participants include police and law enforcement agencies, internal security services, armed forces and government agency stakeholders.


  • US Department of State
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (US)

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