Chemical and explosives terrorism

Operation Chase

The Chemical Anti-smuggling Enforcement (Chase) Project is a global effort to counter the international smuggling of chemicals used in the manufacture of weapons designed to kill and injure indiscriminately.

Chase increases the capacity of police, customs, immigration and government chemical and border security agencies to work both within and across borders to target the illegal movement of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and explosive precursor chemicals. Each cycle of Chase is composed of a needs assessment and curriculum design phase, two training courses and a multi-agency border operation.


The lack of coordination and specialized training between agencies responsible for activities to prevent chemical smuggling increases the risk of chemical and explosive terrorism. Operation CHASE has been developed specifically to address this gap through a multi-agency, multinational and regional approach. This strategy builds on the strengths of individual organizations and expands the information exchange networks already established within INTERPOL member countries. The operation builds the capacity of INTERPOL member countries to identify, interdict and investigate this criminal activity.


  • Training activities to develop the knowledge and leadership skills for senior law enforcement officials in key positions within border and chemical security agencies in INTERPOL’s member countries;
  • Operations to build upon the training activities, using the skills developed by course participants;
  • INTERPOL coordination and support to member countries with a range of INTERPOL databases, tools and services in order to identify, interdict and investigate the movement of criminals and the chemical materials they smuggle on a real-time basis during the operational phase.


Southeast Asia
Middle East


Law enforcement, police, customs, immigration, government chemical and border security agencies.


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia
Global Affairs Canada

Operation CHASE II

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