Vision and mission

The vision – what INTERPOL aspires to achieve

"Connecting police for a safer world"

Our vision is that of a world where each and every law enforcement professional will be able through INTERPOL to securely communicate, share and access vital police information whenever and wherever needed, ensuring the safety of the world's citizens. We constantly provide and promote innovative and cutting‐edge solutions to global challenges in policing and security.

The mission – what INTERPOL does to achieve its vision

"Preventing and fighting crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation on police and security matters"

We facilitate the widest possible mutual assistance between all criminal law enforcement authorities. We ensure that police services can communicate securely with each other around the world. We enable global access to police data and information. We provide operational support on specific priority crime areas. We foster continuous improvement in the capacity of police to prevent and fight crime and the development of knowledge and skills necessary for effective international policing. We strive for innovation at all times, in the areas of police and security matters.

Strategic Framework

Priorities 2017-2020

See the Organization's strategic goals.


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