The INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

30 June 2017

INTERPOL launches first digital forensics training course for wildlife investigations

14 June 2017

Research identifies illegal wildlife trade on the Darknet

13 June 2017

153 detained for ticket fraud following worldwide law enforcement operation

07 June 2017

INTERPOL gathers cyber experts to assess global response to WannaCry attack

19 May 2017

INTERPOL coordinating global law enforcement response to WannaCry ransomware attack

12 May 2017

Strengthening Nordic law enforcement capacity to combat criminal use of the Darknet

24 April 2017

INTERPOL-led cybercrime operation across ASEAN unites public and private sectors

19 April 2017

INTERPOL and TNO partnership to combat cybercrime

22 March 2017

Ransomware – the new INTERPOL digital security challenge

09 March 2017

West African cybercrime underground economy emerging, finds joint INTERPOL-Trend Micro paper

06 February 2017

Countering terrorist use of social media focus of INTERPOL training

30 September 2016

INTERPOL-Europol cybercrime conference closes with onus on multi-stakeholder cooperation

28 September 2016

Identifying cybercriminals at core of INTERPOL-Europol conference

06 September 2016

Global response to cybercrime focus of INTERPOL meeting

01 August 2016

Ringleader of global network behind thousands of online scams arrested in Nigeria

17 June 2016

INTERPOL and TNO to collaborate in combating cybercrime

12 April 2016

INTERPOL agreement with Cellebrite strengthens efforts in combating cybercrime

13 April 2016

INTERPOL border operation in Southeast Asia targets terror suspects

06 April 2016

Financial crime focus of Doha conference

15 March 2016

Regional police organizations gather at INTERPOL meeting to enhance cooperation

15 December 2015

Online child sex abuser forums targeted in INTERPOL-coordinated operation

09 October 2015

China visit by INTERPOL Chief focuses on international police collaboration

25 September 2015

Addressing cybercrime challenges focus of INTERPOL working group meeting

16 September 2015

INTERPOL brings together experts to share best practice in combating ‘sextortion’

14 September 2015

INTERPOL forensics workshop in Singapore looks to boost region’s counter-terrorism investigations

11 September 2015

Enhancing forensic skills for maritime security focus of INTERPOL training in Singapore

08 September 2015

Senior Chinese official and INTERPOL Chief meet on international police collaboration

25 August 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Singapore gathers fisheries investigators

21 August 2015

INTERPOL’s Project Leaf looks to boost efforts against forestry crime in Asia and East Africa

04 August 2015

INTERPOL Chief offers continued support to ASEANAPOL to address regional and global security threats

31 July 2015

INTERPOL Darknet training shines light on underground criminal activities

29 June 2015

Global action against online air ticket fraudsters sees 130 detained

26 June 2015

INTERPOL Storm meeting looks to enhance investigative expertise in pharmaceutical crime

25 May 2015

INTERPOL Chief at Qatar forum outlines complex illicit drugs landscape

22 May 2015

Enhancing international police cooperation focus of meeting between Chinese Vice-Minister and INTERPOL Chief

21 May 2015

INTERPOL holds first meeting for major events cybersecurity experts group

18 May 2015

Cooperation and effective data exchange focus of INTERPOL training in Vietnam

16 April 2015

Cyber security requires coordination and innovation, INTERPOL President tells conference

14 April 2015

Inaugural INTERPOL World forum focuses on innovation for global security

13 April 2015

International gathering marks inauguration of INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

13 April 2015

INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet

10 April 2015

INTERPOL border security operation targets criminals traveling in Southeast Asia

26 March 2015

INTERPOL cyber research identifies malware threat to virtual currencies

24 March 2015

Enhancing cooperation in combating organized crime and terrorism focus of INTERPOL meeting

28 November 2014

Global action against online fraud in the airline sector nets 118 arrests

08 November 2014

Monaco’s Prince Albert II visits INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore

03 October 2014

INTERPOL-Europol cybercrime conference reinforces multisector commitment to cybersecurity

01 October 2014

Singapore recognizes INTERPOL Chief’s contribution to international security with award

01 October 2014

Combating cybercrime through cooperation focus of INTERPOL-Europol conference

30 September 2014

INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation opens its doors

30 September 2014

INTERPOL and Trend Micro reinforce cooperation in combating cybercrime

30 September 2014

INTERPOL strengthens cooperation with Kaspersky Lab in global fight against cybercrime

27 August 2014

International Association of Chiefs of Police visits INTERPOL to enhance cooperation

23 August 2014

Philippine operation against ‘sextortion’ network builds on INTERPOL support

02 May 2014

INTERPOL-coordinated operation strikes back at ‘sextortion’ networks

04 April 2014

INTERPOL agreement with Netherlands Forensic Institute to enhance forensic support for countries

24 February 2014

Preventing use of stolen passports by terrorists and criminals key to global security, says INTERPOL Chief

23 September 2013

INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation reaches new heights

03 September 2013

Partnerships key to protecting cyberspace, Head of INTERPOL says

22 August 2013

Innovation the way forward against tomorrow’s security threats, says INTERPOL Chief

10 July 2013

INTERPOL and Morpho sign strategic biometric partnership

24 June 2013

INTERPOL and Trend Micro to collaborate against cybercrime

20 March 2013

Kaspersky Lab to support INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation with advanced tools and expertise

18 December 2012

INTERPOL and NEC sign partnership agreement to enhance cyber security

16 January 2012

INTERPOL appoints Executive Director for new global complex in Singapore

17 October 2011

Qatar Minister underlines commitment to INTERPOL and global policing community

12 October 2011

INTERPOL and Europol agree joint initiatives to enhance global response against transnational crime

14 September 2011

Innovation will be focus of planned extension of INTERPOL's global reach to Singapore

09 June 2011

Collaboration between INTERPOL and Singapore’s health authority heralds milestone in fight against counterfeit medical products

11 February 2011

Singapore announces special visa status to INTERPOL Travel Document holders at historic groundbreaking ceremony

09 November 2010

Ronald K. Noble appointed for third term as INTERPOL Secretary General

Overview: INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation opens its doors - Secretary General Ronald K. Noble

Singapore Second Minister S. Iswaran officially hands over INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation