NEC Corporation is a multinational provider of electronics, telecommunications products and information technology services.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the Corporation has an annual turnover of JPY 3,043.1 billion. It employs more than 100,000 people across the world.


NEC offers a variety of solutions to protect from the threats of digital disruption. It is working with INTERPOL to establish the Digital Crime Centre at the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, and contributes a range of technical expertise and human resources.

A number of components make up the Digital Crime Centre, including a Digital Forensic Lab, which gives practical forensic support to member countries during investigation. NEC contributes malware analysis technology to this Lab.

A Cyber Fusion Centre provides essential assistance to INTERPOL’s member countries through real-time monitoring and analysis of malicious Internet activity, giving member countries the intelligence and expertise required to more effectively investigate digital crimes. Input from NEC facilitates the collection of information, real-time network monitoring and information sharing.

Capacity building

Underpinning these operational activities are capacity building activities for law enforcement officers. NEC offers training in response to web application hacking and network hacking as well as basic incident handling.

In addition, NEC has helped INTERPOL establish a Digital Security Research Seminar which brings together experts from the private sector and academia in order to address cybersecurity issues and technology responses to cybercrime.

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