INTERPOL’s member countries pay annual, compulsory (statutory) contributions to the Organization. The amount to be paid by each country is based on a proportional scale agreed between the members and voted upon annually by the General Assembly, the Organization’s supreme governing body.

Member countries may also make additional contributions on a voluntary basis. These may be monetary or in-kind contributions, for example in the form of the secondment of personnel, equipment or office space.

Member country contributions fund the running costs of the General Secretariat and its satellite offices, and the policing, training and support activities according to the strategic and corporate priorities of the Organization.

Strategic priorities

  • Secure global police information system
  • 24/7 support to policing and law enforcement
  • Innovation, capacity building and research
  • Assisting in the identification of crimes and criminals

Corporate priorities

  • Ensure organizational health and sustainability
  • Consolidate the institutional framework