Contributions from external donors allow us to carry out additional activities, complementing those financed by the Organization’s Regular Budget. These donors come from a range of different sectors:

  • Government agencies
  • International organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Foundations
  • Private entities.

Additional contributions are managed and reported on separately from the Regular Budget. They are held in a dedicated trust fund (the INTERPOL Fund for International Police Cooperation), or in a Special Account.

The Fund receives contributions from both public entities (such as governments and intergovernmental organizations) and private donors (such as companies and foundations).

This funding supports different types of activities in line with our strategic and corporate priorities and which are agreed in advance with the different contributors. Each priority is linked to a Fund sub-account.

Special accounts are created for donations from public entities only, which may have specific requirements, such as in the timing and reporting of the contributions, that cannot be accommodated within the legal framework of the Fund.

Additional funding framework and independence

INTERPOL is continuing to conduct a review process of its additional funding policy. In recent years, the amount of additional funding received by the Organization has grown, which makes it important to take additional steps to safeguard the interests of all parties concerned.

This review process began in 2012, when a Working Group was established, composed of representatives from more than 20 INTERPOL member countries. The results of the Working Group were accepted by INTERPOL’s General Assembly in 2013 in Colombia.

The 83rd session of the General Assembly in Monaco in 2014 approved the new Funding Model and due diligence guidelines, which entered into force on 31 March 2015.

The Organization is further refining this review process with the goal of ensuring that all external funding meets the requirements defined by the new Funding Model.

The ultimate aim is to strengthen the Organization’s financial, legal and ethical framework and ensure its independence, whilst providing confidence to prospective donors on the use, management and reporting of their funds.

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