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Law enforcement services in Portugal are provided by five different bodies:

The Judicial Police  – called “Polícia Judiciária” (PJ) in Portuguese.  

Mandate: prevention, detection and investigation of violent, organized and financial crime.

Supervised by the Public Prosecutors Office, a body of autonomous magistrates, the PJ is part of the Ministry of Justice.

National Republican Guard – called “Guarda Nacional Republicana” (GNR) in Portuguese.

Mandate: ensure public order and investigate violent and non-organized crime in rural areas.

The GNR is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Public Security Police – called “Polícia Segurança Pública” (PSP) in Portuguese

Mandate: ensure public order and investigate non-organized and violent crime in urban areas.

The PSP is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Immigration and Border Agency – called “Serviço Estrangeiros e Fronteiras” (SEF) in Portuguese.

Mandate: responsible for border control and the prevention of illegal immigration.  Part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the SEF is also responsible for issuing entry and residence permits, as well as matters relating to deportation and asylum.

Portuguese Maritime Police – called “Polícia Marítima” (PM) in Portuguese. Part of the Ministry of Defence, the PM is the national naval service which patrols all Portuguese harbours.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Portugal sits within the International Cooperation Unit of the Judicial Police.  INTERPOL Lisbon liaises with domestic police services and judicial authorities for international requests requiring action.  It also serves as a police platform for international investigations involving Portugal.

INTERPOL Lisbon is headed by a senior criminal police investigator who is assisted by three chief inspectors in charge of operational groups:

  • Central Unit;
  • Police Cooperation Unit;
  • Judicial Cooperation Unit.

The NCB is staffed by 15 inspectors who are able to communicate in a wide range of languages.  They are experts in many fields of international crime fighting, including:

  • Criminal information analysis;
  • Law and data protection;
  • Firearm identification and tracing;
  • Violent crime;
  • Organized crime;
  • Financial crime.
INTERPOL Lisbon in action
11 mai 2012

INTERPOL met à jour l’alerte mondiale concernant Madeleine McCann

LYON (France) – INTERPOL a diffusé une mise à jour de l’alerte mondiale publiée en rapport avec la disparition de Madeleine McCann dans une station balnéaire du Portugal, le 3 mai 2007, comportant une image de la fillette, vieillie par ordinateur, telle qu’elle pourrait être aujourd’hui.Les enquêteurs de la Police métropolitaine de Londres chargés de repr...
18 novembre 2010

Portugal arrests and extradites Colombian fugitive following hit on INTERPOL databases

INTERPOL's databases and worldwide network enabled Portuguese police to identify, arrest and extradite to Bogota a fugitive attempting to enter the country using a stolen passport altered to camouflage the suspect’s criminal history in Colombia.Investigations were triggered when a Lisbon airport border check against INTERPOL's database of more than 22 mil...
05 mars 2010

Une opération coordonnée par INTERPOL vise le commerce illicite de produits médicaux issus d’espèces sauvages

LYON (France) - Une opération internationale coordonnée par INTERPOL visant le commerce illicite de médicaments traditionnels à base d’espèces sauvages protégées a donné lieu à une série d’arrestations dans le monde entier et à la saisie de milliers de médicaments prohibés d’une valeur de plus de 10 millions d’euros.Les services nationaux de protection de...
19 novembre 2009

Une opération internationale contre la vente de médicaments illicites et de contrefaçon sur Internet

Une semaine internationale d’action contre la vente de médicaments illicites et de contrefaçon sur Internet a donné lieu à une série d’arrestations et à la saisie de milliers de produits médicaux potentiellement dangereux.Face au nombre sans cesse croissant des sites Web sur lesquels il est possible de se procurer des médicaments dangereux et illicites, I...

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