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INTERPOL Islamabad Executive Staff

Law enforcement services in Pakistan are provided by a combination of federal and provincial police forces.  Together these forces are responsible for:

  • Preventing, detecting and investigating crime;
  • Protecting life, property and freedom;
  • Collecting and sharing criminal intelligence;
  • Locating and bringing offenders to justice;
  • Preserving public peace;
  • Protecting women and children.

Provincial policing

Basic law and order action is carried out by the police of the four provincial governments:

  • Punjab Police; 
  • Sindh Police;
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police;
  • Balochistan Police.

Together the four provincial police forces are made up of more than 325,000 officers.

Federal policing

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for national security.


  • Command the federal police organizations;
  • Command the civil armed forces;
  • Assist and support provincial governments.

Federal police organizations:

Ministry of Interior:

  • Federal Investigation Agency (FIA);
  • Pakistan Rangers;
  • Frontier Corps;
  • Pakistan Coast Guard;
  • National Police Bureau;
  • National Police Academy;
  • National Police Management Board.

Ministry of Communications:

  • National Highways and Motorways Police.

Ministry of Narcotics Control:

  • Anti-Narcotics Force.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

The FIA is headquartered in Islamabad with regional units across the country. With a strength of 3,500 officers, its mandate is to investigate and prosecute offences relating to:

  • Corruption;
  • Organized crime and terrorism;
  • Immigration, trafficking in human beings and smuggling;
  • Money laundering;
  • Financial, high-tech and white collar crime;
  • Intellectual property rights.

INTERPOL Islamabad

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Pakistan is part of the FIA’s International Cooperation Branch, the exclusive platform for all Pakistan investigations requiring international outreach.

Headed by the FIA Director General, INTERPOL Islamabad’s day-to-day work is supervised by an NCB Director. Staffed by of 15 officials, INTERPOL Islamabad also has four sub-bureaus located at each of the four FIA provincial headquarters.

INTERPOL Islamabad activities are carried out by five sections:

  • Europe and Americas;
  • Middle East;
  • Asia and Africa;
  • Drugs and Organized Crime;  
  • General (training and events). 
INTERPOL Islamabad in action
21 décembre 2015

Falsified and illicit medicines worth USD 7 million seized across Asia in INTERPOL-led operation

LYON, France – Falsified and illicit medicines worth an estimated USD 7 million were seized across Asia in an INTERPOL-coordinated operation to combat pharmaceutical crime in the region.Involving 13 Asian countries, Operation Storm VI saw the arrest of 87 individuals and the investigation of nearly 500 pharmacies and markets, as well as some 100 illicit o...
23 octobre 2015

INTERPOL course aims to boost efforts against chemical attacks

KUANTAN, Malaysia – Identifying, investigating and successfully prosecuting the criminal use of chemical agents was the focus of an INTERPOL training course in Malaysia for law enforcement officers, first responders, as well as health and environmental officials.Under the framework of INTERPOL’s Project Litmus, the five-day training course (19-23 October)...
10 octobre 2014

INTERPOL congratulates joint Nobel Peace Prize winners from India and Pakistan

LYON, France – On behalf of the international law enforcement community, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has congratulated India’s Kailash Satyarthi  and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai after they jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to improve the rights of children.   Child education activist Malala Yousafzai, aged 17, w...
13 mai 2011

INTERPOL condamne les attentats terroristes commis au Pakistan

MINSK (Bélarus) – Le Secrétaire Général d’INTERPOL, M. Ronald K. Noble, a condamné dans les termes les plus forts les attentats à la bombe contre le centre de formation d’une unité paramilitaire de la police situé dans le nord-ouest du Pakistan, qui ont tué 80 personnes. Les Taliban pakistanais ont fait savoir qu’ils avaient  mené ces actions pour ve...
04 avril 2011

Abu Dhabi police buildings meet top security standards, says INTERPOL report

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – The Abu Dhabi police buildings have been assessed as meeting the highest international security standards, according to an INTERPOL audit report which INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble handed over to the UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at a meeting on Monday.A...
24 mars 2011

Le Pakistan honore INTERPOL

ISLAMABAD (Pakistan) - Le Président pakistanais Asif Ali Zardari a rendu un hommage particulier à la plus importante organisation de police au monde en remettant le Hilal-e Pakistan (« croissant du Pakistan ») au Secrétaire Général d’INTERPOL, Ronald K. Noble, à l’occasion de la fête nationale pakistanaise.Le Secrétaire Général Noble s’est décla...
11 novembre 2010

INTERPOL condamne le meurtre de policiers lors d'un attentat à Karachi

LYON (France) – Le Secrétaire Général d’INTERPOL, M. Ronald K. Noble, a condamné le présumé attentat suicide à la voiture piégée de jeudi contre des bureaux de la police antiterroriste à Karachi (Pakistan), qui a fait au moins 20 morts et 100 blessés, le qualifiant de « méprisable et lâche ». Des tireurs auraient ouvert le feu sur un poste...
01 juin 2010

Suite à l’alerte lancée par INTERPOL, le journaliste pakistanais disparu est localisé indemne en Israël

LYON (France) – Le journaliste pakistanais disparu, Talat Hussain Syed, a été identifié et localisé en Israël moins de 24 heures après la diffusion par INTERPOL d’un avis international de recherche de personne disparue, grâce à l’étroite coopération entre le Bureau central national (B.C.N.) INTERPOL de Jérusalem, le siège du Secrétariat général de l’...
06 août 2009

Le Pakistan demande aux pays membres d’INTERPOL de l’aider à retrouver 13 individus recherchés à la suite des attentats terroristes de Mumbay

LYON (France) – Le Bureau central national d’INTERPOL (B.C.N.) à Islamabad (Pakistan) a diffusé un message d’alerte mondial concernant 13 individus recherchés par les services de police pakistanais dans le cadre de l’enquête en cours sur les attentats terroristes perpétrés à Mumbay en novembre 2008.Ce message d’alerte demande aux pays membres d’INTERPOL d...

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