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    27 septembre 1967
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National police parade

National police parade

Law enforcement services in Iraq are provided by the Ministry of Interior which is responsible for national security.


  • Maintain security and public order;
  • Safeguard public and private property;
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • Prosecute criminals;
  • Fight terrorism;
  • Fight corruption;
  • Ensure human rights are respected.

National law enforcement bodies:

  • The Under-Secretariat of Administrative and Financial Affairs (administrative, financial, training and infrastructure support services);
  • The Under-Secretariat of Police Affairs (regional security and law enforcement);
  • The Under-Secretariat of Federal Security Affairs;
  • The Under-Secretariat of Federal Investigation and Intelligence;
  • Ministry of Interior :
     - Arab and International Police Directorate;
     - Council of Arab Ministers of Interior Communications Division.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Iraq is part of the Arab and International Police Directorate.   It is staffed by police and civilian officials qualified in policing, computer sciences, management, languages, engineering or law.   

INTERPOL Baghdad is the exclusive channel linking Iraq’s Ministry of Interior with international law enforcement bodies. One of its highest priorities is to facilitate the exchange of criminal and judicial information between INTERPOL member countries and domestic law enforcement bodies and investigation units.

INTERPOL Baghdad is in charge of processing Iraq’s extradition requests using INTERPOL’s secure police communications system (I-24/7).

Principal domestic law enforcement partners:

  • Higher Judicial Council;
  • Ministry of Justice (Central Shura Council, Judiciary Relations Department, Prisons);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs ;
  • Ministry of Culture ;
  • Heritage Foundation.
INTERPOL Bagdad in action
25 mars 2016

INTERPOL holds bioterrorism workshop

LYON, France – Enhancing the capacity of authorities in Iraq to better prevent, detect and respond to biological threats was the focus of an INTERPOL workshop in Lyon.The workshop included representatives from the Iraqi National Monitoring Authority (INMA), Ministry of Defense, specialized CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives)...
12 mars 2014

Les combattants étrangers, une menace transnationale qui requiert une réponse mondiale, déclare le chef d’INTERPOL à la conférence de Bagdad

BAGDAD (Iraq) – La menace transnationale que constituent les combattants étrangers qui ciblent l’Iraq et d’autres pays est l’affaire de tous les pays du monde, a déclaré le Secrétaire Général d’INTERPOL, Ronald K. Noble, lors de la Conférence internationale de solidarité pour lutter contre le terrorisme, qui s’est tenue à Bagdad.Au cours de sa première mi...
08 mai 2012

INTERPOL publie une notice rouge à l’encontre du Vice-président iraquien

LYON (France) – À la demande des autorités iraquiennes, INTERPOL a publié une notice rouge à l’encontre du Vice-président iraquien, Tariq Al-Hashemi, soupçonné d’avoir dirigé et financé des attentats terroristes dans le pays.La notice rouge concernant Al-Hashemi constitue une alerte régionale et internationale pour l’ensemble des 190 pays membres d’INTERP...

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Age today: 71 years old
Nationality: Iraq


Age today: 51 years old
Nationality: Iraq


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Age today: 14 years old
Nationality: Iraq


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Nationality: Iraq


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