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INTERPOL Windhoek staff access INTERPOL databases during field operation

Namibian Police Force

"To protect and serve all people in Namibia".

Headed by an Inspector General who is appointed by the President of the Republic of Namibia, the Namibian Police Force (NAMPOL) is part of the Home Affairs Ministry.


  • To preserve Namibian internal security;
  • To ensure law and order;
  • To prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • To protect life and property.

The Inspector General is assisted by two Deputy Inspectors General – one in charge of operations and the other of administration.

 Operational Command:  

  •          Air Wing Division;
  •          Anti-Stock Theft Division;
  •          Commercial Crime Investigations Division;
  •          Criminal Investigations Directorate;
  •          Criminal Record Centre;
  •          Drug Law Enforcement Division;
  •          Explosives Division;
  •          Motor Vehicle Theft Investigation Division;
  •          National Forensic Science Institute;
  •          Operations Directorate;
  •          Police Communications Division;
  •          Protected Resources Division;
  •          Scene-of-Crime Division;
  •          Serious Crime Division;
  •          Special Branch Directorate;
  •          Special Field Force Directorate;
  •          Special Reserve Force Division;
  •          Traffic Law Enforcement Division;
  •          Very Important Persons Protection Directorate;
  •          Women and Child Protection Division.
  •          INTERPOL National Central Bureau for Namibia;



Under the command of the Deputy Inspector General for Operations, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau for Namibia is the exclusive point of contact for all international investigations involving Namibia.  It provides domestic law enforcement with access to secure communications with police authorities across the world, and access to INTERPOL’s databases.

INTERPOL Windhoek coordinates criminal, investigative and humanitarian assistance, working with domestic partners such as Immigration and Customs and its INTERPOL partners worldwide. 

Four crime desks:

  • Organized crime;
  • Trafficking;
  • Multilateral and international liaison;
  • Violent crime.


  • Conduct cross-border operations;
  • Fight drug crime;
  • Fight environmental crime;
  • Fight stock theft;
  • Fight trafficking in human beings.
  • Fight financial and high-tech crime;  
  • Fight smuggling and possession of illegal firearms and weapons;
  • Fight motor vehicle theft;
  • Help strengthen public safety and fight terrorism;
  • Help identify and retrieve stolen works of art, cultural property and antiques;
  • Perform fingerprint and DNA checks;
  • Provide fugitive investigation support;
  • Prevent the use of stolen and lost travel documents and fight illegal migration;
  • Perform disaster victim identification;
  • Perform crime intelligence;
  • Perform criminal history and record checks;
  • Support border security.
INTERPOL Windhoek in action
25 mars 2016

Namibian President discusses global security issues with INTERPOL Secretary General

WINDHOEK, Namibia – Building capacity to better prepare law enforcement to address cybercrime and other threats was the focus of a meeting between Namibian President Hage Geingob and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock.During his first mission to Namibia, Mr Stock’s talks with President Geingob and Vice President Nickey Iyambo covered a range of globa...
22 décembre 2015

Le trafic d’ivoire d’éléphant et de corne de rhinocéros cible de l’opération Worthy II sur le continent africain

LYON (France) – Une opération pilotée par INTERPOL contre le trafic d’ivoire en Afrique a abouti à 376 arrestations, à la saisie de 4,5 tonnes d’ivoire d’éléphant et de corne de rhinocéros, et à des enquêtes sur 25 groupes criminels impliqués dans le commerce illicite.L’opération Worthy II s’est déroulée de janvier à octobre, avec le concours des services...
23 février 2015

Namibian President launches national INTERPOL Turn Back Crime campaign

OSHAKATI, Namibia ‒ Highlighting the important role citizens can play in helping police turn back crime, Namibia’s President Hifikepunye Pohamba launched his country’s Turn Back Crime campaign at the Oshakati Independence Stadium as part of the Namibian Police Force’s 24th anniversary.With the Namibian Police Force having evolved into a strong organizatio...
19 septembre 2014

INTERPOL holds wildlife crime training in Namibia

WATERBERG, Namibia – INTERPOL has conducted a wildlife crime training course in Namibia to enhance the skills of the country’s police and government officials in effective enforcement of environmental laws.Some 19 participants from the Namibia Police Protected Resources Unit and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism attended the week-long training sessi...
11 juillet 2014

Dangerous fake goods seized in INTERPOL operations across Eastern and Southern Africa

LYON, France – Baby food, cosmetics, televisions, mobile phones and toys were among goods worth USD 5.6 million seized during an INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting organized crime groups trading fake and illicit products across Eastern and Southern Africa.Operation Wipeout was conducted across seven countries – Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanz...
27 septembre 2013

Fakes worth more than USD 1.2 million seized in INTERPOL-led operations across Southern Africa

LYON, France – A series of raids coordinated by INTERPOL across Southern Africa targeting counterfeit and illicitly traded goods has led to the seizure of thousands of fake products and the closure of an industrial-scale plant manufacturing fake sportswear.Thousands of counterfeit products ranging from toys, chargers, shavers and cigarettes to pirated CDs...
19 juin 2012

La plus vaste opération d’INTERPOL contre le trafic d’ivoire cible les organisations criminelles

LYON (France) – La plus vaste opération transnationale jamais menée par INTERPOL contre les organisations criminelles à l’origine du trafic illicite d’ivoire a conduit à plus de 200 arrestations et à la saisie de près de deux tonnes d’ivoire d’éléphant de contrebande.L’Opération Worthy, qui a duré trois mois et à laquelle ont participé 14 pays d’Afrique o...
29 août 2011

Une formation organisée avec le soutien d’INTERPOL afin d’endiguer le trafic d’espèces sauvages en Afrique australe

GABORONE (Botswana) – Des fonctionnaires chargés de l’application de la loi venus de 11 pays d’Afrique australe ont suivi une formation intensive de six jours sur la répression des atteintes à la faune et la flore sauvages, organisée par INTERPOL, conçue par Environnement Canada, et principalement financée par l’IFAW (International Fund for Animal We...
18 mai 2010

Le trafic illicite d’ivoire et de corne de rhinocéros a été la cible d’une opération coordonnée par INTERPOL en Afrique australe

Une opération transnationale coordonnée par INTERPOL visant la criminalité liée aux espèces sauvages en Afrique australe a donné lieu à la localisation et la fermeture d’une fabrique illégale d’ivoires, à la saisie de près de 400 kilos d’ivoire et de corne de rhinocéros dont la valeur commerciale est estimée à plus d’un million de dollars, et à l’arr...

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