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    31 août 1966
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“Creating a safe and secure Malawi”



  • Independence and professionalism;
  • Impartiality;
  • Openness and accountability;
  • Responsiveness and dependability;
  • Quality in service provision;
  • Efficient and effective use of available resources.

Headed by the State President of the Republic of Malawi, the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security.   This Ministry is also responsible for Prison Services and Immigration.   The MPS is commanded by an Inspector General who is assisted by a Deputy Inspector General.   The MPS Headquarters are run by two Commissioners, in charge of administration and operations respectively.

Operational responsibilities:

  • Prosecution;
  • Service Traffic and Transport;
  • Criminal Investigation;
  • Community Policing;
  • Airport Security;
  • Radio Communication;
  • Explosives;
  • Police Mobile Service;
  • Firearms and Ballistics;
  • Air Wing;
  • Marine Corp;
  • Police band.

The 31 districts of Malawi are divided into four policing regions, to enable MPS to effectively execute its objectives of ensuring peace and security for Malawi’s population of 14,000,000.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Malawi sits structurally in the MPS Criminal Investigation Department (CID), thus giving it privileged access to key CID units, which include:

  • Fiscal Fraud Section;
  • Dangerous Drug Section;
  • Criminal Records Section;
  • Canine Section;
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Unit;
  • Forensic Science Services;
  • Firearm Registry;
  • Homicide Investigation Section.


  • Seven police officers;
  • In general, staff are recruited directly from the CID or from national police stations;
  • INTERPOL and in-service training is provided prior to NCB appointment.


  • To provide investigative support to local and foreign investigators in tackling national and transnational crimes;
  • To serve as a platform permitting local investigators and law enforcement agencies to :
     - pursue their investigations abroad;
     - access INTERPOL’s criminal databases;
     - access critical information on latest developments and trends in cross-border crime;
  • Coordination of local, regional and international police operations, training sessions and workshops aimed at fighting crime;
  • Population of INTERPOL databases;
  • Capacity building and boosting INTERPOL awareness at national level.

Crime priorities

  • Violent crime;
  • Illegal firearm trafficking and related cases;
  • Trafficking in human beings;
  • Illegal immigration;
  • Economic and commercial crime:
  • Motor vehicle theft;
  • Terrorism;
  • Drug trafficking;
  • Cybercrime.
INTERPOL Lilongwe in action
23 février 2015

Zambia hosts INTERPOL training session against wildlife crime

LUSAKA, Zambia – INTERPOL has held a wildlife crime training course to enhance the skills of police and wildlife officials from Malawi and Zambia in effectively enforcing environmental laws.With a keynote address at the opening ceremony by Zambia’s Inspector General of Police, Stella M. Libongani, trainees from Police, Environmental Authorities and Custom...
27 septembre 2013

Fakes worth more than USD 1.2 million seized in INTERPOL-led operations across Southern Africa

LYON, France – A series of raids coordinated by INTERPOL across Southern Africa targeting counterfeit and illicitly traded goods has led to the seizure of thousands of fake products and the closure of an industrial-scale plant manufacturing fake sportswear.Thousands of counterfeit products ranging from toys, chargers, shavers and cigarettes to pirated CDs...
08 août 2013

Des trafiquants d’êtres humains, de drogues et d’armes ciblés par des opérations dans toute l’Afrique orientale et australe

KENYA/ZIMBABWE – Une opération menée en Afrique orientale et australe contre divers types d’infractions transfrontalières a permis de porter secours à des victimes de la traite d’êtres humains, de saisir des drogues, des armes et des véhicules volés, et de récupérer des marchandises faisant l’objet de trafics, dont de l’ivoire et des diamants.Sous le nom...
29 août 2011

Une formation organisée avec le soutien d’INTERPOL afin d’endiguer le trafic d’espèces sauvages en Afrique australe

GABORONE (Botswana) – Des fonctionnaires chargés de l’application de la loi venus de 11 pays d’Afrique australe ont suivi une formation intensive de six jours sur la répression des atteintes à la faune et la flore sauvages, organisée par INTERPOL, conçue par Environnement Canada, et principalement financée par l’IFAW (International Fund for Animal We...
13 novembre 2009

Des opérations coordonnées par INTERPOL s’attaquent aux réseaux de vente de faux médicaments en Afrique

LYON (France) – Des médicaments et des cosmétiques non autorisés et vendus illégalement, d’une valeur de plusieurs milliers d’euros, ont été saisis au cours d’une série d’opérations coordonnées par INTERPOL menées au Malawi, au Swaziland, en Zambie et au Zimbabwe.Plus de 300 fonctionnaires de la police et des douanes, des autorités de contrôle des médicam...

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